Autoroutes of Los Bay Petros

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Federal Autoroute System

The autoroute shield.
Total length 300 km
Longest highway Autoroute 3
(150 km)
Shortest highway Autoroute 629

The expressways that connected in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros is called Autoroute (officially Federal Autoroute System). The Los Bay Petrosian Autoroutes network length is estimated about 300 kilometres. Firstly, this autoroute was proposed by Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman to facilitate the Los Bay Petrosian who travels around the country.


The Autoroute was first proposed by president Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman to the National Legislative Council in 2010, the reason was to simplify the Los Bay Petrosian people or non-Los Bay Petrosian to travel without any obstacles like traffic jams in the Jakarta's rush hour and other, this project also intended to relieve the Los Bay Petrosian economy since the civil war.

The project finnaly passed by the National Legislative Council and the project to make the


routes of A-1 ( Autoroute 1 ), which connecting Dredim and Gordonz City began in late February 2010. The project of A1 finally finished in mid-March.

Since the foundation of Southall and Dalnik, the government also continuing to lengthened the network, finally they made the A17 (Autoroute 17) connecting Southall and New Pershing City, A21 which connecting Southall and Dredim, and the A-6 which connects Dalnik City and Faizingrad.


All of the Los Bay Petrosian Autoroutes is managed by, and all of the Autoroutes is

The fare sign

tolled. and there is no prohibition on motorcycles who wants to enter the Autoroute, not like Indonesian toll roads who prohibit motorcycle to enter the toll road.

In the toll plaza or toll booth, there are three groups of transportations with the different fare each group. they are:

Category Vehicles
1 or A Motorcycles
2 or B Sedan
3 or C Trucks

And for the payment itself, the drivers can pay both in Los Bay Petrosian Ruble and Indonesian Rupiah.


Standards for Autoroute Expressways in Los Bay Petros are defined by the Los Bay Petrosian Ministry of Transportation along with the LARO (Los Bay Petrosian Autoroute Association. For a certain highway to be considered an Autoroute, it must meet these construction requirements or obtain a waiver from the Federal Autoroute System.

  • Speed Limits: The minimum speed limit standard in Los Bay Petros is 140 km/h in rural areas or selected urban area, an advisory of 130 km/h in Southall Autoroutes, 110 km/h in tunnel and briges, and 90 km/h in mountanious areas.
  • Minimum number of lanes: At least two lanes in each direction, this standard could be an exception in some parts of the system.
  • Payment system: Tolling system in the autoroute is optional, but recommended.

Numbering Scheme

This is the numbering system in the Los Bay Petrosian Autoroutes.

Digit 1-10
Autoroutes Terminus 1 Terminus 2
A1 (Autoroute 1) Dredim Capital Region Gordonz City
A2 (Autoroute 2) Prianganstadt Nord Panghegar
A3 (Autoroute 3) Dredim Capital Region Prianganstad Nord
A4 (Autoroute 4) Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Dwipatra, Ostenkass
A6 (Autoroute 6) Faizingrad Dalnik City
A8 (Autoroute 8) Dredim Gunung Jaya Utara, Gunung Jaya
Digit 11-99
Autoroutes Terminus 1 Terminus 2
A11 (Autoroute 11) Marloville, Salernosky Kunciran, North Salernosky
A12 (Autoroute 12) Autoroute 1 Tomang Interchange Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
A13 (Autoroute 13) Dredim North Labstadt University
A14 (Autoroute 14) East Salernosky Labstadt
A15 (Autoroute 15) Kunciran, North Salernosky Blueing, Western Los Bay Petros (Interchange with A1)
A17 (Autoroute 17) Faizingrad New Pershing City
A18 (Autoroute 18) Faizingrad Outer Southall
A21 (Autoroute 21) Dredim Capital Region Southall (Via Fatmawati)
A29 (Autoroute 29) Dredim Capital Region Gordonz City
A36 (Autoroute 36) Dredim Capital Region Newlam
A63 (Autoroute 63) Dredim Capital Region Southall (Via Fatmawati, merged with A29 at Lebak Bulus)
A81 (Autoroute 81) A-8 Interchange Jumstraad, Indokistan
A84 (Autoroute 84) Faizingrad Labstadt
A94 (Autoroute 94) New Pershing City Dagen-Madinah
Digit 100-999
Autoroutes Terminus 1 Terminus 2
A126 (Autoroute 126) Dredim New Pershing City (Via JORR)
A629 (Autoroute 629) Labstadt Labstadt (Orbital Ring)
A631 (Autoroute 631) Arutalapura Arutalapura (Orbital Ring)
Auxillary Routes
Autoroutes Terminus 1 Terminus 2
A1-001(Dredim Orbital Expressway North) Dredim, Killarney Dredim, Charleston (Via Park)
A1-002 (Dredim Orbital Expressway South) Dredim Capital Region, Diningrad Dredim, Charleston
A1-003 (Dredim Orbital Expressway 2) Dredim Capital Region, Diningrad Dredim, Sega Park
Unnumbered Autoroute
Autoroutes Terminus 1 Terminus 2
FRR (Faizingrad Ring Road Faizingrad, Warren Beach Ringroad
Karawaci Causeway Gordonz City Autoroute 6
DRR (Dalnik Ring Road) Dalnik City, Matlock Dalnik City, Wanderer
CR (City Ring) Relofsy, Gaskan Walton, New Pershing
L Expressway Kingsley, Dredim New Pershing City
KBP (Killarney Baypass) Killarney, Dredim Charleston, Dredim

Tanah Baruan Autoroutes

In the state of Tanah Baru, the Federal Autoroute Network there uses a special signgage for all of the autoroutes, a -M ending in all routes.


There are some facts in the Autoroutes of Los Bay Petros, they are:

  • Longest Autoroute: Autoroute 3 (Prianganstad Nord - Dredim), 150 km
  • Shortest Autoroute: Autoroute 629, 0.6 Km
  • Highest Autoroute: Autoroute 3 (Priangantstad Terminus), 100m above sea level