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Yuniversan Railways Company


Headquarters: Santissima, Cimares Railway Station
Official Languages: Italian
Director: Ilaria Comici
Establishment: 10 September 2009
Disbanded: 3 April 2019
Type: Public company fx
Products: Rail Transport (freight and passengers)
Micronation: Yunivers

The Yuniversan Railways Company was a public company owned by the Central Protectorate, the government of the Decracy of Vilthia.
It operated rail services.


A YRC ticket

The company has been founded on 10 September 2009, after the renovation of the Trans-Yunivers Railway.
The railway lines managed by the company were mainly private railways, originally built for the transport of goods.
In the summer period sporadic tourist services were organized. Despite this, the lines had not been used to transport goods for several years.
Starting from 2018 the Governorate began to consider the idea of suspending the maintenance of the railway network, which weighed on the budget for about 4000 to 6000 euros per year, with revenues from tourist services for just about 2000 euros .
In 2019, the budget for the maintenance of the railway lines has been cut and the company was dissolved.

The duties of ordinary administration have been transferred to ATV.

Railway lines