Weg Ways

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Weg Ways
Government-owned company
IndustryTransport Franchise
Founded2 January 2020
Area served
Key people
Cole B., President
ServicesCart Operator
Total assets74,032 GØ (FY 2020)
Number of employees

Weg Ways is a government owned company that operated a transportation system of bikes pulling carts. The company is sometimes called a railroad even though it does not use any vehicles that run on rails. The system is made up of 8 lines.


The idea of a cart like transportation system in Wegmat has been around since 2019. Union Des Plaines was created to transport lumber and other cargo in Wegmat. The idea to transport people was brought into play by the Bobbygrad Metropolitan Transit. They created a system where bikes tied to office chairs would transport people in Bobbygrad. Weg Ways was created on 2 January of 2020 to transport people throughout Wegmat. The first and only service that operated was the Des Plaines Limited which went from Isadora to Paradise City via Prarik. The service couldn’t run any other lines because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Equipment and Facilities


The shorter services carry an office chair. The longer services carry a custom made cart called the Pass O-2.


Weg Ways uses 2 Trek F-2 bikes one is a F-2 and the other is a F-2 Disc. They are 21 speed bikes that are commonly used by the Wegmat Government.


Weg Ways maintains stations. They are 13 stations in operation.



The Transcountry system has 3 lines That travel between systems.

The Des Plaines Zephyr goes to Fort Jerome from Kiser and used to go from Sycamore. The line is planned to go all the way to Robinson however because of the Pandemic the line ends at Fort Jerome still. The line also has an express line that only stops at Paradise City, Isadora, Evansville and Fort Jermome.

The Roadrunner goes from Isadora, Prarik, Markonton, New South Africa, Agriculde and Bobbygrad. The line runs an express from Isadora to Bobbygrad called the River to Thriller Express

The Two City Express goes from Two Pine to Paradise City.

North System

West System

East System