Road signs in Atovia

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Road signs in the Kingdom of Atovia generally conform to the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals. Most signs are based on pictograms, with some exceptions like speed limit signs. If the sign includes text, the text is written in English.

Atovian road signs depict people with stylized (as opposed to realistic) silhouettes.


Legal basis

ASC No. Title Reference
ASC XX.XX [Title]


The Kingdom of Atovia uses the metric system on road signs. Distances are measured in kilometers or meters; speeds are measured in kilometers per hour; heights, widths, and lengths are measured in meters; and weights are measured in metric tonnes.

Categorization and design

Category Shape No. (major) Colour of Example(s)
border background content
Warning Triangular 101-135 Red White
Fluorescent Green[n 1]
Priority Various 201-206 Various File:A1-Give Way.png
File:A3-Priority road.png
Prohibitory Circular 301-339 Red White Black
Mandatory Circular 401-415 Blue White
Special Regulation File:.png
Service File:.png
Indication Rectangular E1-E6 Blue White
Additional Panels File:.png
Road Markings File:.png
  1. Temporary signs


Warning signs

Priority signs

Prohibitory signs

Mandatory signs

Special regulation signs

Service signs

Indication signs

Road markings

Traffic lights