Zealandia Rail

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Zealandia Rail
Seelandische Eisenbahn
We're Moving Zealandia
Established 2010
Preceding Zealandian Home Ministry
Locale Kingdom of Zealandia:
  • Denton
  • Quattro
  • Cortina
  • Hagley
  • Österhågen
  • Sandford


  • Christchurch
  • Sydney
  • Sunshine Coast
Transit type Rail, Land and Ferry
Headquarters Government House, Frost Street Denton City Province
Chief Executive King Anthony
Denton East Railway Station

Zealandia Rail (Ger:Seelandische Eisenbahn Moari: Moanawhenuaia Rerewē Abbr: ZR) is the Nationalised Transport company within the Kingdom of Zealandia. Established by the Kennedy Government under the Railways Act 2010 as a Public - Private Enterprise, the Company struggled until His Majesty King Anthony nationalised it through an order in council.

Livery and Operations

Zealandian Underground Carrage 01.png

The Livery of a City Loop (Denton Underground) Locomotive

Emblem of Zealandia.png