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FoxRail - Tenurrian Railways
Tenurriske Zannsvaget
Tennureȷ Ferateȷ Vaguleȷ
Slígí na Taennra
Tenúrrské Železnice
Locale: Tenurria
 Czech Republic
Fleet size:0
National Rail abbreviation:FR / TZV / TFV / SNT / TŽ
Track length:0 km
Gauge:Wide: 1435 mm
Narrow: 760 mm

FoxRail is the national rail company of Tenurria.

Logo and color palette

At this moment there are 6 standard colours authorized for the rolling stock livery.

Standard Ruby red Dark orange Dark purple Charcoal Green Pantone White
Hex 9A031E FF8F1F 0B1B26 2C4251 00AF54 FFFFFF

Units classification

Units are being named by abbreviation, project country and project's or first approved construction's year by Raevist chronology. Separating symbol between class and year exists, but isn't clearly defined, so dashes, slashes and dots can be equally used.

It looks like: «country + energy & type + year».

Country codes

Abbreviation Meaning Allegiance
Č Český Czech
Čs Československý Czechoslovak
N Německý German
R Ruský Russian
S Slovenský Slovak
Ss Sovětský (svaz) Soviet
Š Švycarský Swiss


Abbreviation Meaning Translation Type of unit
P Parní Steam Steam engine
D Dieselový Diesel Diesel engine
Ds Dieselový samohybný Diesel self-riding Diesel motor coach
Dv Dieselový vlak Diesel train DMU
E Elektrický Electric Electric engine
Es Elektrický samohybný Electric self-riding Electric motor coach
Ev Elektrický vlak Electric train EMU

Passenger classes

Classes of comfort in Verd'landian railways slightly differ from the standard European ones.

  • 1st class (Czech: První třída) — extra-comfort intercity class. Sitting units of this class are provided with highly comfortable seats and extra service. Sleeping units have compartments with no more than 2 couchettes.
  • 2nd class (Czech: Druhá třída) — standard intercity class. Sitting units should have separated, numbered, bookable seats and be relatively comfortable for the long time of travel. The onboard service includes mini-café or buffet at least. Sleeping units have compartments with no more than 4 couchettes.
  • 3rd class (Czech: Třetí třída) — standard suburban class. Mandatory condition for unit to belong to the third class is presence of soft seats. The last ones are not separated nor numbered, they can't be booked. The passengers who hadn't found free seats, should travel standing. If provided, the sleeping units are bookable and have up to 6 couchettes in one compartment or section (the last one in case if carriage's interior has the platzkart-like structure).
  • 4rd class (Czech: Čtvrtá třída) — outdated suburban class. Seats are rough (usually wooden) or absent at all. Sleeping units aren't provided.

Projected fleet

As a best option, FoxRail in its basic formula of existence is expected to have 2-3 units of the Czechoslovak small-capacity motor coaches of 810 series (ČsDs-456). They are ideally suitable to amateur railways due to their cheapness, small size and reability.