List of roads in New Eiffel

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This is a list of roads in New Eiffel.


Road name/sign Length Road code[1] Ref
J16 shield.png J16 23.6-metres (77 ft) 01f [2][3]
NEMR 1 sign.jpg New Eiffel Main Route 1 42.8-metres (140 ft) 02f [4][3]
Dead Tree Lane 6.98-metres (22.9 ft) 03f [3]
J25 6-metres (19 ft) 05f [3]
Prince Zabëlle I Road Unknown[5] 06f [3]


Main Route

The New Eiffel Main Route 1, or simply the Main Route, Main Route 1, MR, or the NEMR, is the longest road in New Eiffel at 42.8-metres (140 ft) long, and is the only road which goes through all three cities in New Eiffel. It is the only fully patched road in New Eiffel. The road begins at the western most point in New Leeds, and ends at the New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border in Új Repülő.[3] It was one of the first two roads constructed in New Eiffel, alongside the J25. It connects to the J25, Dead Tree Lane, and Prince Zabëlle I Road.[4]


The J25 road marker

The J25 was originally constructed as a diversion after an area of the roadway flooded near 39, 41 Bomb Shelter, and turned into a muddy hole. The J25 was constructed primarily by Janus Smith, as well as various others – turning a dirt pile into a flat and rideable surface. The J25 is no longer needed, however still commonly used.[3]


The J16 Road, commonly known as the J16 is 23.6-metres (77 ft) long, and travels from Plitvice to Új Repülő. The highway begins at the easternmost point of Plitvice, heads westward and terminates at an intersection with Prince Zabëlle I Road and Dead Tree Lane in Új Repülő. The highway has existed since at least January 2018. Since January 2019, the dirt path for the J16 has become overgrown, and mildly littered. The J16 is rarely used in modern day. It is the second longest road in New Eiffel, and is a dirt road. It was one of the first two roads constructed/named in New Eiffel, alongside the New Eiffel Main Route 1.[2]

Dead Tree Lane

Dead Tree Lane is 6.98-metres (22.9 ft) long, and located in Új Repülő. It is notable for being the only road in New Eiffel which has road signs. Dead Tree Lane starts at the end of the J16 then runs straight for 4.47-meters (14.6 ft) before it leads into Unnamed Circle – which is a roundabout – to the west, and then a separate path running 2.51-metres (8.2 ft) leading to the Main Route 1 to the north. The road requires a moderate amount of maintenance.[3][6]

Prince Zabëlle I Road

Prince Zabëlle I Road is a very short connector road connecting the J16 to the Main Route 1.[3]

Proposed roads

On 25 February 2019, the Ministry of Transport proposed a new road called Új Repülő Road. On 27 February 2019, it was decided that the road would not be constructed.[7]

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