Dead Tree Lane

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Dead Tree Lane
Sign of Dead Tree Lane in November 2019.jpeg
Sign of Dead Tree Lane in November 2019
General information
Maintained by MOT
Length6.98 metres (22.9 ft)
Nation New Eiffel
CityÚj Repülő
List of roads in New Eiffel

Dead Tree Lane is a 6.98-metre (22.9 ft) long road in Új Repülő, New Eiffel. It is notable for being the only road in New Eiffel to have road signs. It is the second shortest road and the third most used road in New Eiffel. The road requires a moderate amount of maintenance.[1] Dead Tree Lane comprises Dead Tree Street and Leon Montan is Gay Street, both of which were designated on 10 March 2020.[2]

Route description

Dead Tree Lane is located near the New Eiffel-United Kingdom South Border, near a bicycle shed. Dead Tree Lane begins at Diamond Street in Prince Zarel I Road then runs straight for 4.47-meters (14.6 ft) before it leads into Unnamed Circle – which is a roundabout – to the west, and than a separate path running 2.51-metres (8.2 ft) leading to the Main Route 1 to the north.


The concrete pathway of the roadway has been around since at least the 1960s, or earlier. The road was re-constructed by two people over a period of a few hours in March 2019. On 20 November, the roadway was cleaned-up and repaired, and a small brick siding was laid. A sign was painted on 24 November.

The roadway was temporarily closed on 20 November 2019 due to a clean-up and repairs,[3] and again on 9 February 2020 due to Storm Ciara.


The roadway is a is a 6.98-metre (22.9 ft) long road in Új Repülő, that intersects with three roads, two of which also completely located in Új Repülő.

Road Destinations
New Eiffel Main Route 1 Seat Square
J16 J25
Prince Zarel I Road New Eiffel Main Route 1, J16

In popular culture

The alley has appeared in numerous New Eiffelic films, most notably in Med-Evil Ghost (2019) and the cancelled film Rugbull (2019), which was primarily set around the roadway, where the main character, who is homeless, lived.

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