Royal Archives (New Eiffel)

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The Royal Archives are the national archives for New Eiffel. They preserve New Eiffel's official archives. Formerly located in New Leeds, its location was moved to London after the dissolution of the nation, and it is presently headquartered in the state of New Eiffel, Australis. The Royal Archives were founded informally in late December 2018, but were officially created on 26 February 2020. The Royal Archives own the New Eiffel History Museum, and are also responsible for Film Archive, an archive of New Eiffelic films, streaming service StreamEiffel, micronational authority control Microbio and the subdivision Royal Data which houses royal documents such as decrees, and the New Eiffelic News Archive. Documents of interest for archiving include officially approved contracts, letters, culturally significant items, historical documents and royal documents.

Notable archives

  • Zabëlle I's abdication letter
  • Poster of The Squishes, the first ever poster printed in New Eiffel
  • Janus Smith's first HRANE contract
  • Copy of the Pas pour la consommation wine bottle's cover
  • 2018 and 2019 general election ballots
  • 7 September 2018 New Eiffelic general information archived screenshot
  • Drawn flags of New Eiffel and the Kingdom of New Finland
  • Map of New Eiffel, and the blueprints for the map