Monarchy of New Eiffel

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The Royal Prince of New Eiffel is the monarch and head of state of New Eiffel. The dynasty is made up of four 'Crowns', each crown represents a royal family under a different surname, such as the Smith family, Du Plessis family, Loots family and the Dankworth family, representing the Red Crown, the Pink Crown, the Green Crown and the Orange Crown respectively.

Prince of New Eiffel
Zed I

Style His Majesty
Heir presumptive Duke Louis Smith
First monarch Zed I
Formation 11 August 2018


The family's origins can be traced back to the 16th century, when descendants of french royalty traveled to South Africa. In 1949, Elsa Du Plessis, Duchess of the Green Crown was born. Around the 1960s, she married into the Du Plessis family, giving birth to four children. Stephni would marry into the Loots Family, Eben into the Leffels, and Nickoh never got married. In 2000, Magdalena married into the Smith Family, and gave birth to three children, one of them being Zed I.

In December 2018, the crowns we're established into the dynasty, with the Red Crown representing the Smiths, the Pink Crown the Du Plessis', the Green Crown the Leffels', and the Orange Crown representing Nickoh who never got married under the new name Dankworth.


Constitutionally defined

Unlike most constitutions, according to the New Eiffelic constitution the prince of New Eiffel isn't really special.

Weird rules

New Eiffel is well known for the weird rules the royal family must follow.