Cinema of New Eiffel

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Cinema of New Eiffel
New Eiffel film clapperboard.png
No. of screens2
Main distributorsZ&jProductions, Farkasok és Szar Studios, Zfilms
Produced feature films
Number of admissions
National films16
Gross box office
Total£115 - 150
National films£<34
Total industry budget£2,311.56 (estimated)

New Eiffel most likely has the biggest film industry in micronationalism. The cinema of New Eiffel consists of films produced in the micronation of New Eiffel. 31 films have been produced and released in New Eiffel as of July 2019, all have been live action, and short films, with currently no talks about an animated film coming out any time soon. Two feature films are currently in production, The Republic of Me, and a documentary about New Eiffel. All films have been produced in English, however a large number of films have had subtitles and dubbed versions in either Afrikaans or Arabtemporarian. New Eiffel has 3 lost-films, all having been produced by Z.S. Movies.

Z&jProductions is the biggest film distributor and producer in New Eiffel, having either produced or distributed 18 of the total 31 films produced in New Eiffel. Followed by Zfilms (5), Z.S. Movies (4), Farkasok és Szar Studios and Ninja Films (2), and then Spooked Out! Productions, Classical Claw Films and Mark Studios with 1.


Early development

3 lost-films were made by Z.S. Movies around 2013. One of them was a Lego stop motion film, and the other two were both live action films. One of them is believed to have been a spy-film. The only surviving film made by Z.S. Movies is At the Shop, a comedy film which was supposedly released on 20 March 2014, however the date is believed to be incorrect. It is estimated the film was likely created sometime in 2013, or even earlier. The film is about a young boy who doesn't have enough money to buy a water bottle at the shop, so instead pays with a omnitrix watch toy from the television show Ben 10. The shop keeper accepts this deal. Later on, the young boy comes back to the same shop and steals the omnitrix watch back from the shop keeper, and runs away, the shop keeper runs after him, where they run around in circles. The young boy eventually trips and the shop keeper takes back the omnitrix watch. The film was poorly archived from the original file, and is only available in 240p.

On 2 November 2014, the film Guns out Fire was created, formerly called the Return of the Fluffy Ending, directed by Indie Mark. It is an Action films, distributed by Mark Studios. It was uploaded on YouTube, however was taken down sometime in 2018 or 2019. There was a 2018 re-release created by Z&jProductions on 14 February, which is now the only remaining copy. The 2018 re-release was remastered into 1080p, and the graphics were darkened slightly. Some other parts of the footage were also slightly edited. The film was critically acclaimed for its good use of special effects and editing. How was criticised for poor acting and dialogue, and a hard to follow storyline.


Ninja Films released it's first film the Terrible Restaurant – Part 1 on YouTube on 5 February 2017. The film was made with iMovie. It follows a person who goes to eat at a restaurant, however the restaurant ends up being poorly maintained with bad food and service.

Z&jProductions was established on 18 April 2017, originally meant to mainly focus on being a television production studio. It released it's first short film, The Doll on 19 April 2017. The Doll is a horror film about a sentient murderous doll whom lives in an abandoned house.

On 10 May, Ninja Films released it's second film (and so far last) film, The Terrible Car Driver. It follows a person who called a Mober (a parody of the company Uber) to pick him up, however the Mober car ended up being poorly maintained and completely trashed. The driver is also incompetent. Near the end it is revealed that the driver stole the car, and police sirens can be heard in the distance coming closer at the end of the film.

On 11 July, Z&jProductions' second film, Batman V Superman: The Better Version, was released. Batman V Superman: The Better Version is a parody of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Filming for the film took place over a 3 day long period, between 8 July and 11 July, the same day it was released. It was shown in the Gif Movie Theatre on 12 July. Z&jProductions released two films in October, When Nibiru Comes and SAD Death Day. When Nibiru Comes is a sci-fi and disaster-film, following the story of NASA scientists trying to build a spaceship after they find out the planet Nibiru is going to crush into Earth in 10 years time. SAD Death Day is a horror film, and parody of Happy Death Day. It follows most of the same plot.

The Demented Computer was a horror film distributed by Z&jProductions and created by Zfilms. It was officially released on 10 November. The film took over four rewrites to finish over a period of more then 4 months. It was the first film created by Zfilms. The first version followed a Russian man buying a computer wiping USB from a businessman. He also owns a computer that is possessed. 25 years later, a teenager is cleaning out his garage, when he ends up finding the possessed computer. The script was later scraped. The second version follows pretty much the same plot, however this time it starts with the teenager waking up, and he buys an abandoned storage garage. He visits it, and then discovers the possessed computer. The third version included the Russian man who buries the computer under ground. Years later, someone digs it up on accident. The fourth and final version was released on 10 November. This time it follows a teenager who finds the possessed computer in his attic. It then slowly possess everyone in his family, and weird stuff starts happening.

The last film released in 2017 was Sticky Hand, a superhero-film created by Z&jProductions released 27 November. It is the second film in the Z&jSuperverse, a parody of the MCU and DCEU superhero film franchises. The first film in the universe being Batman V Superman: The Better Version.

New Eiffel established

January 2018 - May

File:The Great War Part I poster.jpeg
Poster of the Great War Part I.

The first film released in 2018 was a Z&jProductions film that was a Star Wars parody called Star Warz: Episode I — The 2nd to Last Jed-Eye, released on 25 January. It was critically acclaimed for it's good use of sound effects.

सर्वश्रेष्ठ बॉलीवुड मूवी कभी (translated to Best Bollywood Movie Ever in English) was released on 14 March. It was a racist-comedy film about Indians and Bollywood. It was created by Z&jProductions. The soundtrack featured six songs from the film, and was very popular in New Eiffel. The film received mixed reviews, with some calling it hilarious and other saying it was too racist, and should be censored.

Two films came out on 27 March, both created by Z&jProductions. One of them was Fortnite: The (un)OFFICAL Movie, a live-action parody film of the popular online video game Fortnite. And the other was Beneath The Summer Skies: A Toilet Paper Love Story, which was a parody of romance films, and featured all the characters as toilet paper rolls with faces drawn on. The story is about a boy who falls in love with a mute. It was made with stop motion, and received positive reviews.

The Great War Part I was released on 12 April, and is sometimes called the greatest film ever made in New Eiffel. The film takes place in World War I. The film was praised for it's outstanding use of sound effects, acting, props and scenery.

On 19 April, The Doll: Origins, a prequel to The Doll, was released. It was released exactly 1 year after the first film. It received negative reviews.

First Bite was created by Matthew Bearne, and uploaded to YouTube on 2 May. It was later released in New Eiffel on DVD by Z&jProductions on 9 April. It received very positive reviews.

June - December

The letter in The Farmer.

Zfilms released two films in June, both of them were black and white 1920s film remakes. The first one was a surrealist film called Layers. It was released on 12 June. The film is about a person who wakes up, and goes to eat breakfast. In each scene he is wearing a deferent shirt. It received mixed reviews. The second film The Farmer was released on 23 June. It is a horror film. It follows the story of a person who gets a letter from a guy called Andy, asking him to take care of his farm whilst he is away. He accepts, and goes to work on the farm. He then sees the door to the farm house was left open. He goes to investigate, and a ghost appears, cutting off one of his fingers. The film was critically acclaimed for it's good use of filming, hand gestures and music. Zfilms often calls it their best film.

Farkasok és Szar Studios in collaboration with Zfilms released a horror-thriller Scissor: Dawn of a New Game. The film was heavily inspired by the Saw movie franchise. It received mixed reviews, mostly positive.


The first film released in 2019 was PUBG: The (un)OFFICIAL Movie by Z&jProductions. It was a live-action parody of the video game PUBG, similar to Z&jProductions' other film Fortnite: The (un)OFFICIAL Movie. It received mixed reviews.

Farkasok és Szar Studios in collaboration with Spooked Out! Productions made an action-comedy spy-film Epic Action Movie, released on 17 February. It was originally recorded sometime before August 2018, however after a week of filming, filming was cancelled due to technical issues. Filming restarted on 15 February 2019, with a similar script, however without the previous ending. It was then released on 17 February, and received positive reviews. As of July 2019, a prequel is currently in production.

On 21 March, Z&jProductions released another film in the Star Warz universe. Star Warz: The Stone Age is a prequel to Star Warz: Episode I – The 2nd to Last Jed-Eye. It received mixed reviews, and is one of the most watched films in New Eiffel.

Z&jProductions and Zfilms made their second collaboration in a film project since November 2017. The film was Dimensions: Choices. It was released on 13 April. The film is a horror-thriller, and follows someone who gets chased by a mysterious creature, he comes to choices such as what door to take or where to hide, the first option he picks results in his death, the film then takes us back to where the choice was made, and he picks the other choice and survives. The film takes a very surrealist turn, and was the first film in the surreal in tempore genre.

On 8 May, Med-Evil Ghost was released by Z&jProductions. It is a supernatural horror film. A sequel to Med-Evil Ghost, Med-Evil Ghost II was released only a few days later on 23 May. Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken, a third instalment to the series, was released on 11 November.

Underneath, an independent film by Zarel Smith, was released on 5 December.

Modern surrealism era

The chair.

Modern surrealism in New Eiffel is often claimed to begin with the release of Being Born Twelve Times on 30 June 2019. Being Born Twelve Times was released by Classical Claw Films, a black and white era film tribute studio and surrealist studio. Being Born Twelve Times was described as "True art, showcasing the story of the economic boom and the financial crisis of 2007–2008, and what it's like growing up poor in a capitalist society". The film was praised by modern art critics, however received very bad reviews from general audiences.

Classical Claw Films in production with Zfilms created the film Chair on 10 July 2019. Classical Claw Films described it as "a psychological thriller made to test human emotion". The film depicted a man telling the audience to focus on a chair, and ignore everything else around it. He then continued talking about it and walking off and on camera, as well as walking behind the chair. The film received very little attention, and had a small release. The film received very bad reviews, with critics alike calling it a fraud. Zfilms and Classical Claw Films both apologised, and responded with "The film is meant to have a surreal and hidden meaning, it was never meant to receive such controversy, nothing we say in this film has any psychological truth to it."

Classical Claw Films released Protect tHE Earth on 13 July 2019. It is a surrealist film about protecting the Earth, and how humans are polluting it. The film received mixed reviews.

Planned feature films

Two feature films are currently in production, The Republic of Me, and a documentary about New Eiffel.

Other upcoming films

A sequel to Epic Action Movie is currently being written. Two Med-Evil Ghost films are also in the works, one has been confirmed it will not be a prequel, however in the film the story will follow the history of the ghost.


The total film industry is estimated to be worth over £2,311.56.

Box office and screens

Screens and theatres

New Eiffel has two cinemas, New Eiffel Cinema and the Gif Movie Theatre. The Gif Movie Theatre filed for bankruptcy however. Most films in New Eiffel are publicly crowdfunded projects, and are released to the public for free, so New Eiffel has very little revenue in the box office.

Film companies

Z&jProductions is the biggest film distributor and producer in New Eiffel, having either produced or distributed 18 of the total 31 films produced in New Eiffel. As of Early 2019, the biggest film distributors and producers were Z&jProductions (18), Zfilms (5), Z.S. Movies (4), Farkasok és Szar Studios and Ninja Films (2), and then Spooked Out! Productions, Classical Claw Films and Mark Studios with 1. Since then, Classical Claw Films has released two more films. Gangsta Entertainment was founded on 16 February 2019 and defunct on 30 July 2020. It was planning on releasing a gangster crime film. The idea was picked-up by Farkasok és Szar Studios instead.

Cancelled films

Many films have been cancelled in New Eiffel. The most notable ones are listed below.

Untitled Shrek Film

A comedy stop-motion film about a toy Shrek was going to be release in early 2019. It was produced over a period of 2 weeks. Filming took place in South Africa, Pretoria. The film could not be finished in time for the set up deadline, so the film was cancelled.


Zody was going to be a another film in the Z&jSuperverse, a parody of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story followed a young boy called Zody, who was poor and had to search for food. He then starts taking self defence classes, and becomes a crime stoping hero, and loved by the entire town. It was cancelled because the film was supposedly too boring, and the production cost was too high.


Rugbull was going to be a film by Zfilms, and possibly distributed by Z&jProductions, which followed the story of a poor boy who ran away from home to practice rugbull. He was then going to become a professional rugbull player, and win the rugbull world cup. It is unknown why the film was cancelled.

United Action Disaster Film

Ninja vs Samurai: The Civil War

Set in China, it followed the war between ninjas and samurai. It was being produced by Z&jProductions, and was cancelled because of filming complications.

3 Mins

3 Mins was a surrealist film being produced by Zfilms. It a person who only had 3 minutes to escape a building, it is unknown what would happen to him if he didn't. The time then ran out before he could escape, and the film ended. It was cancelled because of filming complications.

Untitled spy film

Being produced independently, it was going to be a comedy spy film parody other spy films such as Mission Impossible and James Bond. Was cancelled due to poor filming conditions.

Untitled Star Warz sequel

Untitled horror film

Events and awards

The 2019 New Eiffelic National Film Festival will be a film festival on August 2019, showcasing six different New Eiffelic films. Many awards were announced, such as the ZSR Awards 2018 and the ZSR Classical Awards, however all were either cancelled or delayed. The 2019 New Eiffelic Film Awards will be an event in January 2020.

New Eiffel is hosting an intermicronatonal film competition.

Film censorship

The Official New Eiffel Ratings Board (ONERB) is responsible for film age rating classifications. The ONERB is allowed to edit any film before it's release in New Eiffel, however they require permission from the copyright owner first. The current ONERB age ratings are AA, AAWW, 13A, 13, 15A, 16 and R18. The rating HR (Highly restricted) has been proposed.

Some children's films released in New Eiffel from other countries have had scenes with alcohol consumption edited out.


Since March 2018, film censorship has been getting a lot stricter, until July 2018, when film censorship started getting less strict. When the ONERB was first established on 17 March 2018, the original age ratings were AA, PG, PG10, T13, M15, F18 and G21. AA is the only age rating of the original seven to still be in use today. Originally a film could not be banned[citation needed], until the government decided they had the power to ban any films promoting terrorism in New Eiffel and false information about New Eiffel. On 16 June 2018, a new set of age ratings were released by the ONERB, and the ONERB gained the ability to ban films and give them an R rating (restricted, indicating they are banned); these new ratings were AA, AAWW, 13A, 13, 15, 16, X18, and R. The ONERB banned an estimated amount of 3–10 films. On 16 July 2018, the current ratings system was introduced, and the ability to ban films promoting false information about New Eiffel was removed. The current ratings are, AA, AAWW, 13A, 13, 15A, 16, and R18. As well as the unofficial ratings [BANNED] when a film is banned. Most films that would’ve been rated X18 would only receive a 16 rating today, such as Fifty Shades of Grey.

Film technology

Film technology and overall quality in New Eiffel has vastly improved over the years of filmmaking.

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