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Film Studio
FormerlyZ & j Movies/Z&jMovies (18 April–October 2017)
Z & j Studios (October–November)
Z&jProductions (November–present)
TypePublic company
Founded18 April 2017
FoundersZabëlle Skye
Janus Smith
HeadquartersNew Eiffel, New Leeds, Main Building, 001-AG-A
ProductsShort films, feature films, posters
Total assets£2,863.56
Number of films22

Z&jProductions is a public nonprofit South African, British and New Eiffelic film studio founded on 18 April 2017. Z&jProductions is a production and distribution company, and will also be producing the upcoming web-series The Republic of Me.

What would eventually become Z&jProductions, Z & j Movies was founded on 18 April 2017, by Zabëlle Skye, and his brother Janus Smith. It went through two name changes between than and November of the same year, before it adopted the Z&jProductions name in November 2017. It went public a year later, and eventually began to use its current logo on January 2019. Z&jProductions released 6 films in 2017, 8 in 2018, 7 in 2019 and 1 in 2020 thus far.

Z&jProductions is the biggest film studio in the New Eiffelic film industry, with its total assents worth over £2,800. Z&jProductions has produced 18 films and distributed 4 films. Z&jProductions has produced three films in the Med-Evil Ghost franchise, as well as the critically acclaimed Scissor: Dawn of a New Game and The Great War Part I.


Early history

Z&jProductions was founded on 18 April 2017, originally known as Z & j Movies. Despite its name, Z & j Movies was originally meant to primarily be a television studio, however it would still rarely produce films. Z&jProductions' first film The Doll was released on 19 April 2017. Z&jProductions produced a number of comedic film trailer sketches from April to early May. Z&jProductions' second film, Batman v Superman: The Better Version, a parody of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), was released on 11 July 2017. Filming took place over a three-day long period, between 8 July and 11 July. It was shown at the Gif Movie Theatre on 12 July. Z&jProductions released two films in October, When Nibiru Comes and Sad Death Day. When Nibiru Comes is a disaster film, following the story of NASA scientists trying to build a spaceship after they find out the planet Nibiru is going to crush into Earth in 10 years time. Sad Death Day is a horror film and parody of Happy Death Day (2017). Z&jProductions officially adopted its current name on November 2017. The Demented Computer was released on 10 November, and is a horror film distributed by Z&jProductions but created by Zfilms. The film took over four rewrites to finish over a period of more than four months. The last film released by Z&jProductions in 2017 was the superhero film Sticky Hand.


Z&jProductions released 8 films in 2018, and predominantly made action and comedy films. It also became apparent than Z&jProductions would completely remove its brand as a part-time television studio, and did not produce any web-series in that time. The first instalment to the Star Warz franchise, parody of Star Wars, was their first film released this year, Star Warz: Episode I - The Second to Last Jed-Eye on 25 January. Z&jProductions released a 2018 version of Guns Out Fire (2014) on 14 February, remastered and slightly edited. Z&jProductions went on to release three films in March, सर्वश्रेष्ठ बॉलीवुड मूवी कभी (Best Bollywood Movie Ever), a parody of bollywood musicals on 14 March, and two films on 27 March, the first and currently only time two films were released on the same day, Fortnite: The (un)OFFICIAL Movie, a real life adaptation of the video game Fortnite, and Beneath the Summer Skies: A Toilet Paper Love Story, a comedy-romance drama film focusing on sentient toilet papers. The critically acclaimed The Great War Part I was released on 12 April, and The Doll: Origins, a prequel to The Doll, was released on 19 April, exactly one year after the first film. Z&jProductions distributed Scissor: Dawn of a New Game, a horror film which was created by Farkasok és Szar Studios and Zfilms on 12 October.


Z&jProductions adopted its current logo in January 2019.


# Title Release date Running time Genre
1 The Doll 19 April 2017 4 minutes Supernatural horror
2 Batman v Superman: The Better Version 11 July 2017 14 minutes Action, comedy, parody, superhero film
3 When Nibiru Comes 10 October 2017 10 minutes Disaster film
4 Sad Death Day 28 October 2017 12 minutes Parody, supernatural horror, thriller
5 The Demented Computer 10 November 2017 12 minutes Horror
6 Sticky Hand 27 November 2017 20 minutes Action, comedy, superhero film
7 Star Warz: Episode I - The Second to Last Jed-Eye 25 January 2018 6 minutes Action, fantasy, parody, science-fiction
8 Guns Out Fire
(2018 re-release)
14 February 2018 4 minutes Action
9 सर्वश्रेष्ठ बॉलीवुड मूवी कभी
(English: Best Bollywood Movie Ever)
14 March 2018 8 minutes Comedy, musical
10 Fortnite: The (un)OFFICIAL Movie 27 March 2018 5 minutes Action, video game film
11 Beneath the Summer Skies: A Toilet Paper Love Story 27 March 2018 5 minutes Comedy, drama, romance
12 The Great War Part I 12 April 2018 7 minutes Action, war
13 The Doll: Origins 19 April 2018 4 minutes Supernatural horror
14 Scissor: Dawn of a New Game 12 October 2018 Drama, horror, thriller
15 PUBG: The (un)OFFICIAL Movie 9 January 2019 4 minutes Action, adventure, video game film
16 Star Warz: The Stone Age 21 March 2019 6 minutes Action, fantasy, parody, science-fiction
17 Dimensions: Choices 13 April 2019 2 minutes Supernatural horror, surreal in tempore
18 सर्वश्रेष्ठ बॉलीवुड मूवी कभी २
(English: Best Bollywood Movie Ever 2)
30 April 2019 6 minutes Action, comedy, musical
19 Med-Evil Ghost 8 May 2019 6 minutes Comedy, fantasy, thriller
20 Med-Evil Ghost II 23 May 2019 Comedy, fantasy, thriller
21 Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken 11 November 2019 5 minutes Comedy, fantasy, thriller
22 The Hooded 11 February 2020 1 minute Horror
23 Ambient Walks 22 March 2020 1,800 minutes Abstract
24 Silence 25 March 2020 1 minute Horror
25 Star Warz: The Stranded Sith 21 April 2020 11 minutes
26 Insaniam 22 May 2020 3 minutes Surrealism, fantasy
27 Pick 27 June 2020 2 minutes Thriller
28 Cry 23 July 2020 1 minute Surrealism, horror
29 India Man!
30 Agent

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