Scissor: Dawn of a New Game

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Scissor: Dawn of a New Game
Scissor .jpeg
Theatrically released poster
Directed byZarel Smith
Written byjOOST Smith
StarringZarel Smith
jOOST Smith
CinematographyjOOST Smith
Edited byZarel Smith
Release date
12 October 2018
CountryNew Eiffel
Age ratingFlag of New Eiffel.svg
15A (original, 2018)
13A (2019)
AAWW (2020)

Scissor: Dawn of a New Game is a 2018 New Eiffelic horror thriller short film directed by Zarel Smith and written by his brother jOOST Smith from a story by the two. Is is the first instalment in the Scissor film series. In it, taking influence from Saw and other horror films, Zarel portrays a man who gets kidnapped by Scissor (portrayal by jOOST) and is forced to get through a series of deadly and torturous challenges in order for him to survive.

The screenplay was written by Zarel, who co-created the story with jOOST. jOOST created the theme song, "Scissor's Theme". It is played on a recorder, and was slowed down in post to add a creepy aesthetic. The idea for a film similar or based on Saw dates back to September, a month before the film's release. While filming, the two ran into unexpected setbacks, delaying the film by a few days. All filming took place in New Leeds, New Eiffel. The film had a no-budget of under £500, and was shot in 5 days. It was Farkasok és Szar Studios' first film.

Scissor: Dawn of a New Game screened on 12 October 2018, and was distributed by Zfilms. It was the first film to be rated 15A, however was later re-rated twice, 13A in its 2019 release, and AAWW in its 2020 release. The film was re-released a number of times, most recently on 8 March 2020 by Z&jProductions after they were given rights to the film. It was at the time one of the darkest films to be released in New Eiffel. The film received generally positive reviews, being praised for its storyline, dark theme and its realistic props, although was criticised for its mediocre acting and a number of continuities.[1] A sequel, titled Scissor: Round Two, is planned on being released by Z&jProductions in 2021.







Rights to the film were given to Z&jProductions on 8 March 2020, as well as the rights for a sequel, titled Scissor: Round Two, which is planned on being released by Z&jProductions in 2021.


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