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In the context of the New Eiffelic government, a city was a municipality, being entitled to self-rule.[1] Each city has a city council, which is elected directly by the government every 3 years. New Eiffel has three cities, the largest New Leeds, the capital Új Repülő, and Plitvice. Only one of the cities New Leeds, maintains a permanent population.

No other territories or states of New Eiffel have cities.


The three cities were all established on the 3 January 2018, originally named Smithton (Plitvice), Smithington (New Leeds), and Hardwork Village Outback (Új Repülő), which was the capital of New Eiffel until its dissolution.


Flag Name Code Created Population
Flag of Új Repülő.png Új Repülő UJ (rarely ÚJ) January 2018 0
Flag of New Leeds.jpeg New Leeds NL January 2018 5
Plitvic Flag.jpeg Plitvice PV January 2018 0


New Leeds

Új Repülő


Plitvice is home to two national monuments, New Finland Monument and 39, 41 Bomb Shelter.