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In the middle is the Government Seal of New Eiffel; clockwise - map of roads in New Eiffel, Cinema of New Eiffel, Rugbull tournament opening ceremony, the national sport, New Eiffelic wine, the the magnolia, the national flower, and a flag of New Eiffel

The national symbols of New Eiffel are things which are emblematic, representative or otherwise characteristic of New Eiffel or New Eiffelic culture.[1] Some are established, official symbols, including the flag of New Eiffel, and governmentally-named symbols, such as the national sport, flower or animal. Other symbols may not hold any form official status, for one reason or another, but are likewise recognised at a national or even intermicronational level (such as New Eiffel's vibrant film industry) The symbols were adopted at various stages in the existence of New Eiffel and various rules and regulations governing their definition or use. The flag of New Eiffel was adopted on 11 August 2018 when New Eiffel reformed into a principality and the coat of arms was adopted on 4 March 2019, after the erstwhile Prince Zabëlle I was offered a new coat of arms by Grand Marshal Abrams I of the Society of Arms. New Eiffel also has various monuments, such as the Surrealist Art Gallery, a modern art gallery headquartered in New Leeds, which opened on 15 January 2020, and 39, 41 Bomb Shelter, an air-raid shelter that was built in the United Kingdom during World War II. The national state route is the New Eiffel Main Route 1 and the longest road in New Eiffel at 42.8-metres (140 ft), which travels from Plitvice to the capital Új Repülő.[2][3]

National flag, arms and emblem


The national flag.

The national flag of New Eiffel was designed by Zabëlle Skye and was adopted on 11 August 2018, the day New Eiffel reformed into a principality. Sometimes nicknamed "the tricolour", it consists of three colours; red, blue and yellow.[4] Although the flag has no official symbolism, it is commonly said that allegedly the red represents the national army, the yellow represents wealth, and the blue represents New Eiffel being "a friendly and welcoming nation." The flag has a number of variations, however, none aside from the national flag are in any official use. A flag of New Eiffel is permanently hung in the royal residence. The flag was the fourth to be officially adopted as the national flag of New Eiffel and its New Finlandic predecessors.[5]

Coat of arms

The national coat of arms.

The national coat of arms of New Eiffel was adopted on 4 March 2019. The committee that created it, the Society of Arms, was headed by Grand Marshal Abrams I, who had created it after being commissioned by the Prince of New Eiffel a day prior. At the top of the escutcheon is a knight helmet, with the crest, a golden crown, above (representing the monarchy of New Eiffel). At the centre of the escutcheon is a party per bend, argent and vert escutcheon bearing a or circle, representing the sunn Jesus Christ and Christianity — the most prominent religion in New Eiffel. The arms are supported by two foxes, representing the national animal of New Eiffel; below them is a vert Latin Cross. The motto, Aspire to inspire, before we expire, is the national motto of the nation. The coat of arms was the fourth to be officially adopted as the national coast of arms of New Eiffel and its New Finlandic predecessors. The coat of arms appears on government buildings, the proposed national passport, Acts of Parliament, commissions and treaties among other uses.[6]

Government seal

The government seal.

The Government Seal of New Eiffel is the national emblem used by the Government on official documents, such as treaties, records, letters, documents, and unofficially used in parliament and road signs. The seal was created by Jayden Lycon and the Cupertino Alliance as an appreciation gift for New Eiffel's membership to the Cupertino Alliance and as a test run for the new Cupertino Alliance ministerial seals, with New Eiffel adopting the seal on 25 March 2020. The seal contains Hardy the Fox and a Latin cross, all surrounded by a dark red circle inscribed with the words "Seal of the Government of New Eiffel". It replaced the former government seal, which, alongside two variations were all created by Zabëlle Skye on 23 June 2019.[7]

Flora and fauna

Magnolia flowers (Új Repülő, New Eiffel).jpeg The magnolia is the national flower. Although New Eiffel has no magnolia trees, a tree that grows over the border drops magnolia flowers onto New Eiffelic territory every spring. The magnolia was proclaimed as the national flower by the Prince in a royal decree on 22 March 2020, after support from the general public.[8]
Oak tree.jpeg The oak tree is the national tree, even though New Eiffel no longer has any oak trees. Formerly, New Eiffel's national tree was the apple tree, likely because of New Finland Monument, a Grade 2-listed apple tree which was the former national monument of New Eiffel.[6]
New Finland Monument.jpg New Finland Monument, a Grade 2-listed apple tree which was the former national monument of New Eiffel. It is located between Plitvice and Új Repülő and is today seen as a reminder of New Finlandic history. It is registered as a Grade 2-listed structure because of its "historical significance".
A fox near New Eiffel.png The red fox is the national animal, being decided in a referendum hosted in March 2018. It was one of the first national symbols to be named and is the oldest which is still considered a national symbol. The red fox has consistently stayed the national animal of every reformation of New Finland into present New Eiffel. The red fox appeared on both the 2018 and the current coat of arms. The Natural History Society of New Eiffel estimates that five red foxes enter into New Eiffel yearly.[6]
Trixie the Cat, 2020.jpeg The domesticated cat is the national domesticated animal, being decided alongside the national animal in a referendum hosted in March 2018. It was one of the first national symbols to be named and is the second oldest which is still a national symbol. The cat appeared on the 2018 coat of arms. Two cats live in New Eiffel, the Royal Cat, a female in-door cat owned by the Prince which holds the full title of "the Great and Powerful Trixie Bell, Chief Mouser, Protector of the Garden, the Royal Cat OBV", and her brother Mango, who is an outdoor cat. At least seven cats enter into New Eiffel yearly according to the highest estimate given by The Natural History Society of New Eiffel.
Eurasian blue tit Lancashire.jpg The Eurasian blue tit is the national bird. The Natural History Society of New Eiffel claims that the Eurasian blue tit is the most common bird in New Eiffel, possibly alongside the European robin, which was the former national bird.
Minnow.jpeg The minnow is the national fish and was named because before New Eiffel's earliest foundation as New Finland, the royal family had owned a large number of minnows from 2012–2014 / 2015. The last surviving four fish all passed away on the same night or next day at early morning due to accidental overfeeding. No new minnows were bought by the royal family after that.
Pegasus.jpeg The pegasus, a mythical winged divine horse which is one of the most recognised creatures in Greek mythology, is the national mythical creature, making it the only mythical creature in New Eiffel to be a national symbol. Pegasi in New Eiffelic culture is commonly used to represent progress, or continued work; "never giving up."


Difference art installation.jpeg Surrealist Art Gallery – A modern art art gallery headquartered in New Leeds, opened on 15 January 2020, as a replacement to the long-time struggling Regional Art of New Eiffel Museum, opened with an exhibition of seven paintings and drawings and six installations, including the 2019 film Soothing Ring of Fire. It is registered as a grade 1-listed building because of its "cultural or artistic importance".
New Eiffel Main Route 1.jpeg The New Eiffel Main Route 1, the longest road at 42.8-metres (140 ft), traveling from Plitvice to Új Repülő, is the national route. The highway has existed since at least January 2018 and was designated as New Eiffel Road 1 until it was renamed on February 2018. It is the only fully paved road in New Eiffel. It was one of the first two roads constructed/named in New Eiffel, alongside the J16.[9]
39, 41 Bomb Shelter.jpeg 39, 41 Bomb Shelter – An air-raid shelter that was built in the United Kingdom during World War II. It is now an important building located in modern-day New Eiffel, where it is one of New Eiffel's national monuments. It is registered as a grade 3-listed building because of its "historical significance".
Sign of Dead Tree Lane in November 2019.jpeg Dead Tree Lane – A 6.98-metre (22.9 ft) long road in Új Repülő. It was notable for being the only road in New Eiffel that had road signs, however they were removed in March 2020. It is the second shortest road and the third most used road. It is still notable for having one of the only road markers.[10]
New Eiffel School.jpeg New Eiffel School – Founded in 2018, is a nonprofit coeducational independent school, and is the only school in New Eiffel. Located in Új Repülő,[11] the school has three students aged 12–16 of all ability levels, and has Christian emphasis. The school offers a number of subjects including English grammar, mathematics, and history. The school uses the rugbull field for physical activities. The building for the school is shared with the health club Jimbo's Gym.[12] It is registered as a grade 2-listed building because of its "importance".
New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border.jpeg New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border – An intermicronational border separating New Eiffel and the United Kingdom. Formerly known as the Back Border, the fence was constructed out of wood, which had been worn over a decade. On February 2019, due to repeated break-ins in the surrounding area, a metal fence was built in order to stop the crime from across the border, and the sign was added. It is the west border of New Eiffel. It is registered as a grade 1-listed building because of its "importance".
!khās Street in 2018.jpeg Streets in New Eiffel — Alongside roads, streets carry huge significance on New Eiffelic identity. New Eiffel now has nine streets, with the first two being designated on 28 December 2019, !khās Street and Seat Street. Seat Street was later re-designated as a square, and stripped of its street status. All streets have since been proclaimed by the Minister of Transportation, who holds the power to due such. Új Repülő Street was later proclaimed on 9 February 2020, followed by Gæ Pis Street on 26 February, than a further six streets on 10 March, with the latest street, Worker's Street, being designated this year on 12 May.[13]

Food and drink

The national dish is the scone, having been named the national dish on 12 October 2018; the informal national snack are bagels; "Ninja41 Juice" is the national drink, and although no official date or record of it being named the national drink is known to exist, it is believed it was possibly made the national drink of the Kingdom of New Finland, later also becoming the national drink of New Eiffel; other unofficial or proposed but not accepted national drinks include the national wine, national tea and national soda, them being - Pas pour la consommation humaine, a drink that is interestingly not made for human consumption, and is more of an art piece, made in collaboration with the luxury fashion brand Jinxx; rooibos tea (English: redbush tea); and coke zero respectively.


The logo of the Church of New Eiffel, the state Church, although it has no power in the government. The logo of the Church of New Eiffel, the state Church, is a typical Latin cross, made up of the colours of New Eiffel's flag;[6] the Unity symbol consists of the capital letter 'Z' with a tilde (~) centre-middle and a caret (^) at the top. Sometimes two straight lines are included on both sides of the symbol - the symbol represents unity and peace;[6] buckets are commonly used to represent love and romance, and commonly appear on cards or as decorations during Valentine's Day. The origin of the tradition is unknown, however it arose before Valentine's Day 2020; ŁN is the symbol for the former national currency Łight Net, which is no longer in use after it was replaced by the also no-longer in use currency the ping - Łight Net was first introduced on 24 June 2018, and was regularly used until 12 July 2018, when Janus Smith burned all of his Łight Net notes in protest against the number plating and ID system used for bicycles; New Eiffelball, nicknamed Eiffball, is the microball for New Eiffel: it is commonly drawn holding or using a film camera or sometimes clipboard. The first known New Eiffelball was drawn by Mel I of Landland on 21 February 2019, and depicts New Eiffelball standing atop Eiffel Tower in France. Since than, New Eiffelball has been featured in ten comics.[6]

Cultural icons

Scissor: Dawn of a New Game (2018) is often called one of the greatest New Eiffelic films ever made
Poster for Insaniam (2020), a film Zabëlle Skye calls his "magnum opus"[14]

Cultural icons are symbols associated with New Eiffelic identity, or in popular culture, that hold no official government status as national symbols, however nevertheless are still held in high regard.

Film and television

Films, shows, studios, objects and themes in media popular culture include:


Artists of cultural significance include experimentalist DJ Zeddy — the stage name of Zabëlle Skye[21] — former New Eiffelic citizen and pianist Zinjin and gamflik artist and coverer F0rtn1te DumpST3R; frequent music genres include gamflik, comedy music, electronic dance music, electro swing, soundtracks, experimental, white noise, classical, and rock: indie rock, new wave and alternative rock; songs include "Fortnite King",[22] "Microwave Onion (MASSIVE D DISTRACK)", "05 14 2020 B"[23] and DJ Zeddy's "Courage", "Funky Spark", "GUM DIS TRACK: THE UNITED MICRANATIONS is better",[24][25] ""[26] and "FPYFF";[21][27] and albums include "DJ Zeddy", "F0rtn1te DumpST3R - vol 1. song covers",[28] and "!".[21]


New Eiffelians speak New Eiffelic English, a dialect of English, as well as Afrikaans, and with a large influence from South African culture, are known for being polite, having a poor sense of humour, and are commonly fans of New Eiffelic media and British television.[6][29]

Sub-national flags, arms and emblems


Previous government seals

Previously, there were three official designs of the seal, all created by Zabëlle Skye.

Hardy the Fox

Hardy the Fox is a mythical creature in New Eiffelic folklore, who appears in a number of poems and symbols, most notably he is on the government seal. Hardy is commonly presumed to be male. Hardy's personality is supposedly playful, friendly and welcoming, and while he is said to be brave, is actually very cowardly. Hardy is the subject in the Government Seal of New Eiffel.[7]

Other governmentally-named symbols

National anthem "Stand tall, New Eiffel" officially replaced "Friendly, New Eiffel" as the national anthem of New Eiffel on 21 January 2019. Similar to the national anthem of South Africa, the lyrics switch into a different language with every new line; it begins in English, followed than by Afrikaans, Arabtemporarian, Hungarian, before ending in LOLspeak. The English-only translation is also acceptable, though it holds no official status.
National motto "Aspire to inspire, before we expire".
National colours Red,      blue      and yellow      are colours used to represent New Eiffel. Purple      and lime      also hold some significance and are tied with royalty. White      is also sometimes used when relating to or denoting Christianity.
National languages Hungarian, Arabtemporarian, Zësøtix.
National sport Rugbull: Rugbull was invented sometime in 2018, originally as a form of role play entertainment. The matches were not rigged, however countries and athletes competing against each other were made up. This changed in the 2019, with the New Eiffel Rugbull Tournament 2 when it became a real annual sport.
National instrument The recorder - The recorder was officially named the national instrument on 8 October 2018, after much consideration from the government.[30] Also in consideration was the piano and the guiltier among other less popular competitors. It was originally announced on 6 October that a national instrument would be in consideration.[31]
National dance New Eiffelic foot dance - A style of dance invented in New Eiffel, it is categorised by moving your feet, and rarely legs, to the rhythm of music. It was unofficially the national dance for a number of months, and has been official since November 2019. The dance was invented by Janus Smith in 2019.
National fruit The apple is the national fruit, and has been since it was proclaimed by a national decree by the Prince on 2 April 2020.[8]
National founder Zabëlle Skye, Duke of Hsed, is the founder of Republican and Monarchial New Finland, as well as the Principality of New Eiffel.
National stone Supposedly topaz and peridot.

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