Society of Arms

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Society of Arms
Founded24 February 2019
FounderCameron I
Area served
Kingdom of Ikonia and other micronations
Key people
Cameron I (Grand Marshal)
ServicesRecording, granting and regulation of heraldry, coats of arms and pedigrees

The Society of Arms, also known as the Micronational Society of Arms, is an organization with the aim of aiding in the study, perpetuation, and use of heraldry mainly in the Kingdom of Ikonia and throughout the micronational sphere. Founded in 2019, the Grand Marshal Cameron I has created majority of commissioned projects.

The society proclaims themselves to be the only micronational society who serve all micronations with heraldic needs, and is the only heraldic organization for all micronations in the MicroWiki sector.

Officer of Arms

The Grand Marshal is the head of the Society, and serves as a King of Arms, they can induct wishing micronationalists into the organization as a creator for heraldic purposes. In the Society of Arms, they get the post-nominals of FOA (Fellow Officer of Arms). These officers can contact the Grand Marshal for more complications with heraldic needs, and or resign at anytime, a quote from the Royal Charter states on titles that, "indubitably, if they give up their title, it will revoke their post-nominals".[1]

Commissioned projects

The coat of arms of Cloverzem, and the first project by the Society.

Any micronationalist can request a coat of arms or heraldic standard by contacting the Grand Marshal or an Officer of Arms, this is the following list of commissioned projects:

Key people

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