New Eiffelic English

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New Eiffelic English or New Eiffelian English (NEE, en-NE) the set of varieties of the English language native to the Principality of New Eiffel. Supposedly, three of the five New Eiffelic residents may speak it natively alongside Afrikaans, whilst the other two residents speak English or Afrikaans as their first language. New Eiffelic English holds no official status in New Eiffel or any of its territories, as just English is set as the national language used in all official relations and documents, which is almost always in British English. New Eiffelic English was however named in the 2018 constitution.

Perhaps uniquely, New Eiffelic English contains major elements from both British English and primarily South African English, as well as many uniquely New Eiffelic characteristics. Similar to South African English, New Eiffelic English contains a large amount of Afrikaans words, as well as a large amount of Arabtemporarian and, to a lesser extent, New Eiffelian.

New Eiffelic English is also known by the names New Eiffel English, NE English and erroneously New Eiffelian.