Unitary State of Swivia

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The Unitary State of Swivia
National Flag of Swivia
Motto: 'Scientia sit potentia'
Anthem: 'Edelweiss'
[REDACTED], Swivia
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary Parliament
• Chancellor
[REDACTED] Schroeder
• Deputy Chancellor
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
Independence from the United States of America
• Date of Establishment
March 25, 2019
• 2020 census
CurrencySwivian Dollar
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
Driving sideright

The Unitary State of Swivia, more commonly known as Swivia, is a micronation located in Eastern United States. Established on 25 March 2019, Swivia has a commitment to bettering the micronational community, advancements in the scientific community, and the production and maintaining of an ideal micronation. Swivia was established by Chancellor [REDACTED] Schroeder, who currently serves as Chancellor of the State and will continue to do so until his death. Current aims of Swivia include an increased voice in international politics and organizations.


The name," Swivia," was tossed around a conversation in late 2018 between current Chancellor Schroeder and several other micronationalists. Swivia stood out among other contenders for possible names, and was kept for the development of the, at the time, unnamed micronation. At some point in early March, the project took the name "Project Swivia," and upon completion, the micronation was designated as the Unitary State of Swivia.


Swivia traces its earliest development to late 2018, when the current Chancellor and other micronationalists were discussing a new project. The project was given the name "Project Swivia," and continued to use this until the official establishment of Swivia on March 25, 2019. The initial government was planned to be a monarchy, but since has become a Unitary Parliament.

On March 25, 2019, the Unitary State of Swivia declared independence. It has since had growing influence in the micronational community.

On July 1, Swivia became a member of the Parliamentary Collective of States, but left following unrest within the group.

Swivia is currently a member of the Grand Unified Micronational, and is a full delegate.

Politics and government

The government of Swivia is a Unitary Parliament. It is constructed of the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor, Speaker of the Assembly, the General Assembly, and several departments. Each department is represented by one individual in the General Assembly, and votes are carried out in the General Assembly during scheduled meetings. The Speaker of the Assembly is responsible for the coordination of Assembly meetings, running the General Assembly, and relaying information to those absent from meetings. The departments are listed as follows:

Department of Foreign Affairs: responsible for the co-ordination of diplomatic arrivals and departures, the operation of foreign intelligence, as well as being the contact point for foreign diplomats.

Department of Civil Affairs: responsible for the well-being of citizens, as well as developing infrastructure and dealing with civilian concerns.

Department of Labor: responsible for the division of workload between citizens.

Department of the Sciences and Energy: responsible for the co-ordination of the scientific department of the Swivian government, as well as the head of energy production.

Department of Justice: responsible for the operation of the High Judicial Circuit, as well as legal and penal codes.

Department of Surveillance and Investigation: responsible for overseeing civil investigation and surveillance, as well as prosecution in the High Judicial Circuit.

Law and order

Supervised by the Department of Justice, the judicial circuit is made up of the Head Judge and Deputy Judge. Both of these judges, in conjunction, issue sentences as required. The Internal Intelligence Agency, or the IIA, is governed by the Department of Surveillance and Investigation. The role of the IIA is to prevent civilian crime, and charge those who violate the law.

Foreign relations

Swivia currently has diplomatic ties to several nations, but most notably the state of Zenrax. Swivia also has ties to all members of the GUM as a result of their full membership.


The Swivian Armed Forces are made up of the Swivian Army, the Swivian Air Force, and the Swivian Navy. Each branch is represented by a four-star general, each of which holds a seat in the General Assembly. The Armed Forces are directed by the General Field Marshal, a position which Chancellor Schroeder currently occupies. The vast majority of government officials also occupy a military rank. As of July 16, 2019, no Swivian forces have been mobilized and Swivia has not been involved in any conflicts.


The national currency of Swivia is the Swivian dollar. As of July 2019, Swivia does not export any material to foreign nations, though there are plans to change this in the future. The largest industry located in Swivia is "Mint-A-Lot," which specializes in the production of complimentary mints. All Swivian-based industries and corporations are supervised by the Department of Labor.

Culture and media

Swivia shares a similar culture to that found in the Eastern United States. Unique Swivian specialties can be found below.


Music is considered important in the Swivian culture, and many citizens produce music for fun or for economic interests. The national anthem of Swivia is "Edelweiss," from "The Sound of Music."


Most cuisine is shared with that found in the Eastern U.S., and the national dish of Swivia is blueberry pie.

National Holidays

There are numerous holidays celebrated in Swivia, but the largest and most noteworthy are Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day. Swivia also celebrates the Atomic New Year as a reference to its focus on sciences and innovation.

National Media

The Swivian Telegram, a government-produced newspaper, is set to release in late July 2019. Prior to this, current information is found on the News page of the Official Swivian Website.

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