Parliamentary Collective of States

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Parliamentary Collective of States
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters Meeting Room (Discord Server)

Official language English

Membership 90 (aprox.)full members

President Victor Scimitar
Vice President Yusuf Eroglu

– Foundation June 2019
– Constitution ratified June 2019

The Parliamentary Collective of States, commonly abbreviated as the PCS, was an intermicronational organization with the aim of helping diplomatic relations between micronations, with a general focus on its own member states. Founded on the 8th of June 2019, the PCS hit ~20 members on its second day.

The original goal of the PCS was to become, not an organization, but a gathering point for micronations. Like a MicroCon, but digital. No charter, no elections, no general assembly, no parliamentary collective.


Christopher Miller along with co-founder Brandon Mierzwa created the "United Micronations" hoping to achieve a stronger connection between micronations. In the first week, the PCS had gained close to 30 members and was growing quickly. It was at that time contemplated if it should merge with the League of Micronations, something which never happened. It later changed its name to the "United Coalition of Unrecognized Nations", and the first charter was written. 2 weeks into its creation, things started to heat up. When a member refused to obey the charter, she was confronted by either leaving or being ousted. Following this, she concluded with herself that the president had no right to ban someone without having a vote, something which was never announced or written down in any way. Discussions occurred, and around the 20th of the same month, the president and founder was deposed by popular vote. Following this, the Vice President, Victor Scimitar ascended to become president of the U.C.U.N, a position of which he held until he finally handed it back, which marked the beggining of the the organisations dissolution in late 2019.


Many nations have called nations related to the PCS as “Cancerous”. Some in the PCS criticize of the PCS not actually doing anything. Christina I of Cycoldia once commented on condemning the PCS for reasons mentioned on the official website of Cycoldia[1]. Cole B. of Wegmat has stated to add meetings like the Grand Unified Micronational. The last charter was described to be vague by many. Its founder has also criticized the organization numerous times.