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The following is a list of active and existing intermicronational organisations. Intermicronational organisations differ in function, purpose, membership and membership criteria. They have various goals and scopes, usually outlined in the treaty or charter. Listed below are organisations categorised by three common types. The definition of "active" may also vary.

This incomplete list lists 34 intermicronational organisations; 7 were founded in 2020, 11 in 2019, 5 in 2018, 3 in 2017 and 2016, and 1 in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008.


Worldwide or global intermicronational organisations — generally open to nations worldwide as long as certain criteria are met.

Name Abbr. Logo (Flag) Founded Members Website
Accande Terrie Ornindo ATO Accande Terrie Ornindo Flag.png 2020 10
Commonwealth of Sovereignties[1] ComSov NewComSovFlag.jpg 2019 34[2]
Conference of Santiago CS Flag of the Conference of Santiago.png 2020 24
Cupertino Alliance CA
(or CUP)
CupertinoPan.svg 2019[a] 25
Grand Micronation Alliance GMA Grand Micronation Alliance.png 2020 14
Grand Unified Micronational[3] GUM Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg 2009[b] 37 (and 2 provisional)
League of Independent Nations LIN LINLogo.svg 2019 23 (and 20 provisional)
League of Nations LoN Flag of the League of Nations.svg 2018 4
Micronational Assembly MA Flag of the Micronational Assembly.svg 2016[c] 49
Organization of Allied Micronations OAM OAM Flag.png 2020 8
Reformed Intermicronational Confederation RIC RIC Flag.jpg 2019 21
Union of City-States UCS Flag of the Union of City-States.png 2020 2
Yet Another Micronational Organisation Federation YAMOF
(YAMO Federation)
YAMO flag.jpg 2019 5
Union of Five U5 U5BONdecember2020.png 2020 5
League of Secessionist States LoSS Loss logo.gif 1980 40
Alliance of the Micronations AOTM Flag of the Alliance of the Micronations.svg 2021 49


Regional intermicronational organisations are open to members from a particular continent or other specific region of the world. Sometimes micronations from the non-specific region may hold an observer-ship status.

Name Native name Abbr. Logo Founded Members Website
Antarctic Micronational Union[4] Union micronationale antarctique[5] AMU GAMA vlag.jpg 2008[d] 7
Asia-Pacific Alliance[6] 亚太联盟 (Chinese (Simplified))
アジア太平洋同盟 (Japanese)
아시아 태평양 동맹 (Korean)
ASPAA ASPAA.png 2019 11
Association of Indonesian Micronations Asosiasi Negara Mikro se-Indonesia[7] AIM New logo AIM.jpg 2011 13
Association of South Asian Micronations ASAM Association of South Asian Micronations - Logo.svg 2020 5
Atlanta Regional Union ARU AGA.svg 2019 3
Austrian Micronational Union Österreichische Mikronationalunion (German)

Österreichische Mikronational Union (Austrian)

AtMU Austrian Micronational Union Logo.jpg 2018 5
European Community of Micronations

Die Europäische Gemeinschaft der Mikronationen (German)
La Communauté Européenne de Micronations (French)
La Comunidad Europea de Micronaciones (Spanish)
La Comunita Europica delas Micronazioni (Volând)

ECM Euroflag.jpg 2010[e] 6
European Micronational Union EMU EMU flag.jpg 2019 8
European Union of Micronations

Unión Europea de Micronaciones (Spanish)
Union Européenne des Micronations (French)
Europäischen Union von Mikronationen (German)
Europeiska Mikronationsunionen (Swedish)
Mikroulusal Avrupa Birliği (MAB) (Turkish)
Μικροεθνική Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση (Greek)

EUM EUM UME1.png 2011[f] 28
Great Lakes Council GLC Great Lakes Council.svg 2019 5
Gulf-Atlantic Union GAU Vergina Sun - Golden Larnax.png 2021 7
Kolniaric Union Kolniaric Union Logo.jpg 2022 3
League of Asian Micronations LAM LAMFlag.jpg 2020 22
MicroFrancophonie OMF Flag MicroFrancophonie.png 2015 17
Micronational Community of Australia MCA MCA Logo.png 2021 19
North Atlantic Defence Union NADU NADU logo.svg 2019[g] 10
Organisation of North American States ONAS Flag of the Organisation of North American States.svg 2019 6
Organisation of United Micronations (2018) Organisace spojených mikronárodů OSM VlajkaOSM.jpg 2018 3
Taiwanese Micronations Alliance 福爾摩沙微國家共同體 TMA Flag of the TMC.png 2016 25首頁
Transantarctic Supramicronational Union TSA TSAlogo.png 2020 3
Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations TCM TCM Logo.png 2021 8
Union of Micronations of Central Europe Unie mikronárodů střední Evropy[8] UMCE UMCE logo.svg 2014 10
Great Lakes Union GLU Flag of Great Lakes Union.png 2020 3
Commonwealth of Pacific Ocean Micronations Mancomunidad de Micronaciones del Pacífico[9] UMCE Commonwealth of Pacific Ocean Micronations.png 2020 5
Oceanic-Antarctic Micronational Association OAMA OAMA.png 2021 6
Brogulnotian Community Communauté brogulnotienne Flag Brogulnotian Community.png 2021 2


Also known as sport federations — primarily focused on sports and hosting sporting events.

Name Abbr. Logo Founded Members Website
Micronational Fédération Football MFF MFF logo 1.svg 2018 6 (and 2 non-participating and 1 press)
Micronational Olympic Federation MOF MOF Logo.svg 2018 15
Union Cycliste Intermicronationale UCIM UCIMlogo.png 2020 7
World Micronations Football Federation UCMM 2020 4
World Water League WWL WWLlogo.png 2018 2
Micronationalist Martial Art Association MMAA
2021 11


Political intermicronational organisations — generally open to nations worldwide as long as certain political ideas align.

Name Abbr. Logo (Flag) Founded Members Website
Assembly of Micronations Against Communism AMAC Nocommunism.gif 2017 12 N/A
Union of Micronational Monarchies UMM UMM.jpg 2015 4
Monarchist League (2013) ML Monarchistleaguelogo.png 2013 13
Micronational Monarchies Organization OLM Oml1.gif 2001 9
League of Fascists and Anarchists[10][better source needed] LFA 2020
Alliance Égalitaire AE 2021 (7 at height)


The Grand Union of Monarchs GUOM
2021 1
Glockiswiffle Alliance GSL 2022 4


Religious intermicronational organisations — open to members based on similar religious links or beliefs.

Name Abbr. Logo (Flag) Founded Members Website
League of Christian Micronations LCM CLM Coa.png 2017 12 N/A
Satanic World Order SWO File:SWO Logo.png 2022 3 N/A

Common History

intermicronational organisations, where nations share the same history, or originated from a shared predecessor state

Name Abbr. Logo (Flag) Founded Members Website
Viadalvian Commonwealth VC VC logo.png 2017


Other intermicronational organisations, which do not fit into any of the above categories.

Name Abbr. Logo (Flag) Founded Members Website
Micronational Trade Organization MTO MTO logo.png 2022 2
Micronational Association for Finance and Economics MAFE MAFELOGO.PNG 2017 10
Micronational Fingerspelling Association MFA Fingerspelling.jpg 2021 1
Micronational Organisation for Asexual Visibility MOAV MOAV Logo 2020.png 2020 1
International Micronational Mapping Org IMMO Cartography.png 2019 N/A
International Aerospace Community IAC IAC.png 2021 7
Social System SocSys Social System Flag.png 2016 2

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  1. Originally founded as the Indepedent Economical Union on 20 October 2018, as Cupertino Alliance on 10 March 2019, and revived on 28 January 2020.
  2. Founded 2009, dissloved 2010, revived 2011, dissloved 2015, revived 2016.
  3. Presumed to have been founded in 2016.
  4. Reformed 2010, 2013 and 2020.
  5. Reestablished 2014
  6. Reestablished 2013
  7. Reformed 2020.


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