Union of Five

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Union of Five
Logo for the December 2020 Summit, Chaired by Bonumland

Prime Minister Sean Dunkerque

President Benjamin Pickles

Prime Minister Tom Mark

President Raphaël Olivier I

President Addison Dillon

The Union of Five was an intergovernmental organization of five micronations consisting of Windover, the West River Confederation, Bonumland, Rhodesia, and Georgienstine. It was founded on 21 November 2020. The union was a forum for the governments to work together to address events in the micronational and macronational world.


The U5 was a diplomatic summit between the nations part of the organisation, hosted on Zoom. Below are the offices that were created by the U5:

  • Chair of the Union - Presides over the summits, was Addison Dillon.
  • Finance Minister - Manages the financial aspects of the U5, was Tom Mark.
  • Minister of Foreign Relations - Manages the diplomatic aspects of the U5, was Benjamin Pickles.
  • Minister of Resolutions and Development - Enforces Resolutions enacted by the Union, was Raphaël Olivier.
  • Minister of General Affairs - No official portfolio, but may be delegated one by the Union, was Sean Dunkerque.