President of Bonumland

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President of the Republic of Bonumland
Presidential Flag
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Nick Rankov

since May, 23 2015
StyleHis/Her Excellency
ResidenceRepublic of Bonumland
AppointerThe People
as through democratic election
Term length5 Years, Maximum Mandate of 2 terms in office
Inaugural holderNick Rankov
DeputyPrime Minister of Bonumland

President of Bonumland is the head of state and head of Government of the Republic of Bonumland.

President directs the executive branch of the Bonumlandian Government and will be the Supreme Commander (commander-in-chief) of the Armed Forces of Bonumland once they have been established.

President can serve maximum two mandates/terms of 5 years.

The current president of Bonumland is Nick Rankov, who is currently serving his first term of 5 years as president.

Powers of the President

Section 2, Article III of the Bonumlandian Constitution defines President's powers and duties.

  • The President approves or denies the bills proposed by the Parliament.
  • The President makes treaties and agreements with foreign diplomacies and representatives in cooperation with the Diplomatic Council or the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • The President shall be the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces once they have been established.
  • The President appoints and dismisses, upon his decree, the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, chancellors of the Diplomatic Council, and ambassadors of Bonumland abroad.
  • He grants amnesties and award honours.
  • The President declares the state of war and the state of emergency.
  • The President signs citizenships.
  • The President addresses the nation during the times of major political, economic or global events affecting the Republic.
  • The President can, upon his/her decree, introduce a new institution within the Government of Bonumland, along with the approval of the Parliament.

Presidential Flag/Standard

The Presidential Flag (Standard) of the President of Bonumland was adopted by President Nick Rankov in September 2018.

Presidential flag of the President of Bonumland

Presidential Election

Presidential Elections are held in April every 5 years.

According to the Bonumlandian Constitution, Section 1, Article II, Clause 8 - The term of the President shall end at noon on the 30th day of April.

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