Declaration of Establishment (Bonumland)

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The Official Document of the Establishment of the Republic of Bonumland (The Declaration of Establishment for short) is a declaration signed by the current President and the founder of Bonumland - Nick Rankov on the 23rd of May 2015.

This declaration announces the establishment of the micronation of Bonumland; it gives information on nation's national symbols and holidays, the purpose of establishment and the government system.

This document was equal to the Constitution of Bonumland before the real Constitution was adopted in late 2016.


This is the text of the Declaration:

I, the founder and thus the first President of Bonumland, with the People of Bonumland hereby declare and announce the establishment of the nation of Bonumland as a sovereign micronation governed by me as the representative of the People. We establish the Republic of Bonumland as a nation led by democracy, peace and good will. We ought to preserve our national symbols and national identity with our highest strengths.

Hereby, we also declare:

Clause 1: The Flag of the Republic of Bonumland shall be the main symbol of the nation. The Flag shall be of a rectangular shape with three stripes; the top and bottom colors being dark-green, and the middle stripe being dark-blue. The Flag cannot be changed without the approval of the President by his decree.

Clause 2: The Coat of Arms shall be in the shape of a shield, which holds the flag of Bonumland. Amendment 1: The Coat of Arms has been changed into a white double-headed eagle holding the shield with the flag of Bonumland on his chest.

Clause 3: The national anthem of Bonumland shall have no text and is called "The Anthem of Bonumland". Amendment 2: The national anthem of Bonumland has been changed into "March of Bonumlandians"; this new anthem doesn't have text either.

Clause 4: The national animal shall be the eagle, for it represents will and strength.

Clause 5: The national motto shall be: "Long live Bonumland" (Vivat Bonumland!).

Clause 6: The currency of Bonumland shall be called Kinturum.

Clause 7: Government system shall be the authoritarian presidential republic. Amendment 3: The Government system shall be the semi-unitary presidential republic. Amendment 4: The Government system shall be the full presidential republic.

Clause 8: The Republic shall have the Constitution.

Clause 9: The national holidays shall be: 1 January - New Year; 23 May - Day of Establishment; 25 December - Christmas. Amendment 5: 10th of August - Flag day

Signed by Nick Rankov, on May 23, year 2015 at noon.


The Declaration has undergone through 5 amendments regarding the coat of arms, national flag, the government system and the national holidays.

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