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Nick Rankov

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Nick Rankov
Coat of Arms of Bonumland
President of the Republic of Bonumland
In office
21 May 2015 - 10 January 2020
Prime Minister Ivan Gelich
Predecessor Office established
Successor Addison Dillon
Personal information
Born 2000 (age 20–21)
Sisak, Croatia
Citizenship Flag of Croatia.svg Croatian
BonumlandFlag.png Bonumlandian
Nationality Flag of Croatia.svg Croatian
Political party Independent

Nick Rankov was the 1st President and the founder of the Republic of Bonumland. He became a micronationalist in May 2015.

Early life

Rankov was born in 2000 in Sisak (Croatia) from a Croatian father and American mother.

He finished elementary and middle school in Sisak but later moved to Zagreb.

He graduated the High School of Tourism in Zagreb.

Founder of Bonumland

Rankov got interested in micronationalism after the Republic of Liberland made the front page in almost every Croatian and Serbian newspaper.

He decided he wants to create his own micronation similar to Liberland. So, in early May 2015, he made first plans for the Republic of Bonumland.

He concluded the establishment of Bonumland by signing the Declaration of Establishment on 23 May 2015.

Personal views and ideologies

Personal views and ideologies of President Nick are quite liberal and west-oriented.

Freedom of speech

He strongly supports the freedom of speech and thinking above all.

In the former Bonumland's newspaper "Bonumland Daily", Rankov said "Freedom of speech and thinking is the foundation of democracy, and thus the foundation of the western civilization itself; therefore, we must keep the freedom of speech and thinking like a treasure"

Same-sex marriage

Rankov supports same-sex marriages.

In late 2017, he signed a decree which legalizes the same-sex marriages and even makes them Constitutional (meaning dedicating a special article for marriage institutions in the Constitution of Bonumland).


Rankov supports abortion in certain cases - meaning if a woman's health is threatened by the pregnancy, therefore by the advice of a doctor.

He also states that women must not be forced to do the abortion in any case; they must make the decision themselves.

Marijuana legalization

He is against marijuana and other drugs legalization, although he supports the use of medical marijuana in certain cases.


His views on immigration are quite liberal too - he states that "every immigrant has a chance to normal and better life after the horrors of war he/she experienced in their native country".

He also supports free health care and education (up to High School).

Foreign policies

President Nick represents Bonumland home and abroad.

He is usually the first one whom leaders of other countries i.e. micronations write to.

He believes that foreign diplomacy and international support among micronations is important and that no micronation should exist in isolation.

In one interview, he stated: "I believe that we need to seek the good in everything. I believe that we can make a deal even in most difficult situations."..


As of November 2018, President Nick has received following offices within The United Micronational Assembly (or U.M.A. for short):

  • Vice Chairman
  • Vice-President of The Security Council
  • Minister of Affairs
  • Press Minister


President Nick has received a following award/s:

Tagundia: Tagundia.png - "Medal of the Royal Order of Tagundian Crown", from the King of Tagundia.

Interesting facts

President Nick, apart from his life in politics and his presidency, is an amateur artist and a singer.

Apart from his mother tongue of Serbo-Croatian, he can speak 3 languages fluently: English, French and Montenegrin.

Rankov rarely allows being photographed. He never publishes his pictures or videos of himself on social media or on the channel of Bonumland.

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