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Addison O'Halloran
O'Halloran in 2021
Representative of Blue Ridge
Assumed office
20 December 2020
Preceded byOffice established
Personal details
Born21 March 2006 (2006-03-21) (age 18)
Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, Vancouver, Washington, United States
Citizenship United States
Political partyw:United States Pirate
Bonumland Populares
Other political
Austenasia Alliance
Georgienstine Labour-Democratic

Addison Vivian O'Halloran (born 21 March 2006), styled as Lady Addison O'Halloran, Baroness of Blue Ridge in Austenasia, is an American multi-micronationalist, author, political commentator, and YouTuber who is the first and current Representative of Blue Ridge, being elected to the position in January 2021. Ideologically a moderate, she is the founder of the Alliance Party and a key centrist influencer in the nation. In addition, she is Under-Secretary for the Environment and chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee. She was the Alliance Party nominee for Prime Minister in the 2021 general election. She is also a legislator and prominent stateswoman in Georgienstine, where she has served as a member of the National Congress, as a Supreme Court Justice, and as Governor of Harrisburg.

Early life

O'Halloran was born in 2006 in Vancouver, Washington, the first of three children. O'Halloran's family did not settle into a permanent residence for many years during her childhood due to her father's military service, despite generally staying around the Columbia River Gorge area. She attended middle school in Washington before her family departed for Pensacola, Florida, in 2018. In 2021, her family again departed, this time for a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

Micronational career



Electoral history

Harrisburg gubernatorial election, August 2021
Party Candidate Votes %
New Progressive Addison O'Halloran 2 66.7%
Georgienstine First Adam Peachey 1 33.3%
Total votes 3 100.0%
Harrisburg gubernatorial election, November 2021
Party Candidate Votes %
New Progressive Addison O'Halloran 5 66.7%
Total votes 5 100.0%
Harrisburg gubernatorial election, March 2022
Party Candidate Votes %
Popular Unity Addison O'Halloran 5 71.5%
Georgienstine First Roy Jackson 1 14.3%
Communist Alan Hensley 1 14.3%
Total votes 7 100.0%
Harrisburg gubernatorial election, May 2022
Party Candidate Votes %
Georgienstine First Roy Jackson 3 60.0%
Independent Addison O'Halloran 2 40.0%
Total votes 7 100.0%
Marksburg gubernatorial election, August 2022
Party Candidate Votes %
Georgienstine First Ali Farrokhzad 4 66.7%
Independent Addison O'Halloran 2 33.3%
Left Bloc Dante Winchester-Thanos 0 0.0%
Total votes 6 100.0%
Marksburg gubernatorial election, November 2022
Party Candidate Votes %
Georgienstine First Roy Jackson 4 57.1%
Left Bloc Addison O'Halloran 3 42.9%
Total votes 7 100.0%


Electoral history

Blue Ridge local election, January 2021
Party Candidate Votes %
Independent Lady Addison O'Halloran 2 66.7%
N/A Abstain 1 33.3%
Total votes 3 100.0%
Austenasian general election, 2021
Party Candidate Votes %
Arete Lord William Wilson 36 76.6%
Alliance Lady Addison O'Halloran 11 23.4%
Total votes 47 100.0%

Political views

O'Halloran's position on the political compass.

Prior to 2022, O'Halloran's political views frequently changed, but are nowadays considered a moderate form of left-libertarian. Though she explicitly declines to identify with a political ideology, she has spoken favorably upon radical centrism and pirate politics, and supports the United States Pirate Party. In Bonumland, she is one of the nation's most prominent centrists, leading Populares, a civic nationalist political party. She has cited Lawrence Lessig, Ross Perot, and Thomas Friedman as the informants of her political views.

On the spectrum of classical micropatriology, O'Halloran is a self-described soft secessionist. She has stated that she does not support Bonumland gaining full independence from the United States. In other micronations, such as Austenasia, which is much more established outside of micronational circles, she respects their claims to sovereignty. On the topic of the role of micronationalism in 2021, O'Halloran stated to local media: "People view micronationalism as a nutjob community, but we're just quirky. It's a way for people to nurture their creativity; a real-life manifestation of one's imagination. We're likely all neurodivergent in some way."

Personal life

O'Halloran lives with her family in Clayton County, Georgia. She suffers from undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder. She completed secondary school with a GED certificate in October 2022. She currently attends Clayton State University, studying pre-law.

O'Halloran is also an avid chess player.

She came out to the micronational community as a transgender woman in September 2020.

Awards and honours

Austenasian honours

 •  Austenasia:

 • Baroness of Blue Ridge (20 July 2020)
 • Dame of the Order of the Bullmastiff (18 September 2021)
 • Commander of the Austenasian Order (20 September 2023)

Foreign honours

 •  Kingdom of Gradonia:

 • Order of William I (Commander Cross)

 •  Vishwamitra:

 • Royal Vishwamitran Order of Merit (Member)

 •  Molossia:

 • Friendship Medal