Commonwealth of Sovereignties

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The Commonwealth of Soveriegnities (or ComSov) is a micronational organisation founded by The Kingdoms of Brienia (Defunct) and Begonia. The Organisation, after an extended period of time, was "re-organized" by The Kingdom of Begon, The Kingdom of Nichensburg and The Republic of Floriland.

Commonwealth of Sovereignties

Intermicronational organisation



Headquarters Official Discord Server

Official language English

Membership 3 Member-States

Chairman Christoph Billung
General-Secretary Vacant

–Foundation 2019
–Signed Wrythe Convention 23 February 2020
-Signed Edgbaston Convention 23 February 2020
- Re-established 2021

Discord Server

Organization and Membership

Having full membership means having all rights that one full member has, those are:
1. having place in all democratic processes
2. having right to be candidate for administration
3. having right to vote

Every micronation has chance to get membership if they fulfill all our requirements. The "Founding" full members of Commonwealth of Sovereignties are:

  • Antonian Empire
  • Commonwealth of Ederlaand
  • Gustodderonia
  • Dane Republic
  • Federal Kingdom of Maltiva
  • People's Republic of Zimaria
  • Province of Gillana
  • State of Mohammediah
  • Green Democratic Republic of Carwyn
  • People's Democratic Republic of Celyn
  • Empire of Lorrinia
  • Kingdom of Leotia
  • Dictatorship of Ubleckistan
  • The Union of the Iberian Empire
  • Kingdom of Cambria
  • Kingdom of Belnovia
  • Commonwealth of Egan
  • Pineland
  • Kingdom of Walthari
  • Kingdom of Arpads