Edgbaston Convention

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Edgbaston Convention
Ratified28 June 2019
Date effective28 June 2019

The Edgbaston Convention is an intermicronational treaty which defines higher standard of accuracy in claims and condemns misleading claims within micronationalism. The treaty is on the "Standards to Prevent Frivolous Claims of Citizenship, Territory and Economic Activity within the Community of Small States and Nations".

The treaty comprises three key sections. The first states that micronations should not claim as citizens people who are not aware of the micronation or who do not wish to be part of it. The second states that micronations should not claim as territory inhabited areas where the majority of residents are not citizens, except for purely ceremonial claims. It also states that micronations should not have the entirety of their claims in outer space or in virtual space. The third section states that micronations should not count activities such as working in a nearby macronation as part of their gross domestic product (GDP).

The treaty was signed by a number of micronations at the 2019 GUM Birmingham Summit. Signatories do not simply by signing the Convention extend any recognition to co-signatories.

There are two original signed copies of the treaty. One is stored in the Imperial Archive of Adammia, and the other is in the posession of Lundenwic.


The idea of a document defining higher standards of claims was first suggested by the-then chair Adam I following 'a few drinks' in response to obscene claims made by nations such as New Cymru and Roscommon, often including thousands of individuals whom may not even know about the existence of said nation.


Original signatories

Subsequent signatories

Former signatories

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