Aspen Empire

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New Aspen Flag2.jpeg
New Aspen Arms.jpeg
Coat of arms
Largest cityCardiff
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesWelsh
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
James II, Aspen Emperor
Cai Parry
LegislatureAspen Parliament
House of Commons
Independence from Virginia
• Declaration of Independence
28 November 2018
• Current constitution
8 May 2019
• Total
0.032 km2 (0.012 sq mi)
• Estimate
Time zoneEST
GMT (Pazistan)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Left (South Wales and Pazistan)

The Aspen Empire, more commonly known as Aspen, is a micronation located in southeastern Virginia. The Empire is comprised of five provinces, the Province of Virginia, the Province of North Carolina, the Province of South Carolina, the Province of Georgia, and the Province of South Wales. in addition to the five provinces there is one Commonwealth, the Commonwealth of Pazistan located in southern Wales.

The government of the Empire is a constitutional monarchy and is governed by the Parliament and the Prime Minister. the Parliament is composed of two houses, the directly elected House of Commons and the indirectly elected Senate. The Prime Minister is always elected by the House of Commons by a majority of members and may appoint a cabinet of ministers from the parliament.


The Aspen Empire was established on November 28th after the signing of Charter of the Aspen Empire, a provisional document that served as the primary instrument of government until a constitution could be ratified. On February 16, 2019 the constitution was ratified and the provisional government disbanded. In this new constitution, fundamental rights were protected and universal suffrage was guaranteed. On May 8, 2019 the constitution was amended by the Installation of Parliament Act (2019) which officially changed the names and powers of the Houses of Parliament.

The Aspen Empire was expanded on the 11th of March 2019 when the Commonwealth of Pazistan was admitted to the Empire. Since then the commonwealth has remained an integral part of the Empire. In addition to Pazistan, the Aspen Empire has had one other territory in the British isles, the Province of Cornwall, under the leadership of Kenneth Chapman. The Province of Cornwall later left the Empire as the Kingdom of Fesmar, later the Fesmarian Empire.



The Aspen Empire is located primarily in Virginia, but has citizens living in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Wales. The territories in Virginia are scattered throughout the Hampton Roads area and have the largest concentration of Aspen citizens. The territories in Wales are located primarily in and around the Cardiff metropolitan area with a few territories in south central wales.

The Empire enjoys easy access to many large bodies of water, including the James River, Chesapeake Bay, and the Bristol Channel. All of these bodies of water drain into the Atlantic Ocean providing possible future opportunities for shipping or recreational sailing.


The Aspen Empire is a constitutional monarchy that is governed by a Westminster style parliament composed of a Senate and House of Commons. The directly elected House of Commons is the lower house of the parliament, but in practice has far more power than the Senate which is appointed by the Provincial Parliaments. The House of Commons is the only house that can initiate supply bills but the Senate can amend them, but the House of Commons may refuse the Senate's amendments. The Senate cannot stop a bill’s progress in Parliament, but may only delay bills for up to six months. If the Senate and House of Commons cannot make a decision on a bill, the house may overrule the Senate’s amendments and pass the bill directly to the Emperor for Royal Assent with a three-fifths majority.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the Emperor, but in practice is always the MP who commands the confidence of the House of Commons. Though the Emperor is the only legal part of the government to hold executive power, the Prime Minister usually exercises these executive powers in the name of His Majesty. The Prime Minister in turn appoints a cabinet of ministers to advise him and lead the various executive departments.

Current Cabinet

Portrait Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet Ministers
Prime Minister Vacant March 2020 -
First Secretary of State Vacant January 2020
Chancellor of the Exchequer Vacant March 2020 -
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Vacant January 2020 -
Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Citizenship Vacant March 2020 -
Secretary of State for Defence Vacant March 2020 -
Secretary of State for the Environment and Rural Affairs Vacant March 2020 -
Also Attending
Clerk of the Parliament Vacant March 2020 -

Foreign Affairs

The Aspen Empire has been engaging in diplomatic affairs since its inception on the 27th of November, 2018. The first nations Aspen reached out to were Misberia and Pazistan. these two nations have retained their relationship with Aspen and are considered to be Aspen's closest allies, Misberia in particularly has been considered to be a "sister nation" to Aspen.

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