Aspen Empire

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Aspen Empire

coniuncti sumus seiuncti labimur (United we stand, Divided we fall)
"Hail Aspenia"
Southern Virginia
Capital city Williamsburg
Largest city Norfolk
Official language(s) English, French
Short name Aspenia
Demonym Aspenian
Government Federal Constitutional Monarchy
- Emperor HIM, John I of the Aspen Empire
- Chancellor Chancellor Bryce
Legislature Federal Council of Aspenia
- Last election - 11/28/2018
Established 27/11/2018
Area claimed 1 1/2 Acres
Population 25
Currency Aspenian Dollar
Time zone EST/EDT
National sport Football (soccer)
National animal Eagle

The Aspen Empire, Established November 27, 2018; is a micronation located on the east coast of North America. The Aspen Empire was formed out of a movement known as the Aspen Movement which was a secessionist cause to establish a new country separate from the United States. The leader of this movement was the future emperor, John Christian. After the secessionist movement, a formal Declaration of Independence was written and signed by the Imperial Delegation. The Empire enjoys many of the advantages of its geographic location; there is an expansive coastline; deep, ice free harbors; and land free for farming or development. These geographic advantages fuel the economy of the Aspen Empire. The government of the Aspen Empire is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy, with executive power vested in the monarch, and legislative power vested in the Federal Council. A Chancellor is elected to lead the Federal Council while the Emperor is a hereditary position.


Early History

The area currently occupied by the Aspen Empire has existed for hundreds of years and was most notably controlled by the kecoughtan Tibe of native Americans until 1609. In 1609 the Virginia company of London set up the colony of Jamestown on jamestown island. The Newly founded colony of Virginia expanded rapidly in the mid and late 17th century, eventually moving its capital to the city of williamsburg. Until the American revolution the colony of Virginia was a profitable and useful colony in the British tobacco and cotton industries.

Modern History

From 1776 onwards, the colony of Virginia was a state in the United States but remained largely undeveloped until after the American Civil War. After the war, many soldiers came to the area of Virginia known as Hampton Roads which led to exponential growth in the region during reconstruction, culminating in the development of cities such as Virginia Beach and Newport News. During and after WWI a shipyard was constructed for building naval vessels for the war effort. This shipyard eventually came to be known as Newport News Shipbuilding and is a useful asset to the development of the Aspen Empire.

Present Day

The Aspen Empire was established by Emperor John Christian I after many years of consideration. The Empire was formally founded on November 27th 2018 after the North American thanksgiving holiday. The empire is regarded among its residents as a foremost protector of freedom and democracy and has remained neutral in numerous micronational conflicts.


The Aspen Empire is located along a historical ice free harbor known as Hampton Roadstead in southeastern Virginia. The Empire has access to numerous rivers and bays that provide a stable source of fresh water and a way of commerce.


The current government of the Aspen Empire is created under the title of The Charter of the United Kingdom of Aspenia. Though amendment I stated a name change, the name Aspen Empire is widely accepted as the de facto name of the nation. The government is organized as a Federal Comstitutional Monarchy.

The Federal Council is the main legislative body, they enact legislation and laws to protect the freedoms and liberties of the people of the Aspen Empire.

The leader of the Federal Council is the Chancellor. The chancellor is considered the chief executive and has power to veto bills.

The judiciary is lead by the Chief Justice, who is appointed by the chancellor and serves for life or until retirement. There are four other justices who serve in the Supreme Court, each with the title of Associate Justice.

Finally, there is the status of the Emperor. The Emperor has the right to veto laws if he sees them unfit and agains the Imperial Charter. The Current Emperor, Jacques Christian I, has decided to abstain from using his veto power as he believes it will obstruct democracy. However, the Emperor does serve as the chief diplomat and as the head of state.


The Aspen Empire is a multi party state with the two largest parties being the Centrist Conservative and the Liberal Parties dominating the Federal Council. out of the 7 Federal Council Members 4 are from the Centrist Conservative Party and 3 are from the Liberal Party.


Culture in the Aspen Empire is defined by a group of people known as the Aspeni people, these people are a multicultural and modern people that have various international backgrounds, much of the culture is influenced by the bordering United States, this includes much of the pop culture and music. Though they are culturally influenced due to an influx of American travelers in the region, the natural culture of the Aspen Empire is more associated with that of Europe. the Official languages are English and French and all official documents are published in both languages. Culturally, they are also similar to Great Britain and have a distinctive accent more similar to that of a British accent than that of an American accent. Other than physical culture, the Empire has a cuisine similar to that of the neighboring states of Virginia and North Carolina. The most popular dish in the Aspen Empire is Pork Barbecue, but the National dish is an unusual but delicious Pineapple Casserole.


The Aspen Empire is divided amongst religions such as Aspen Orthodox Baptist, Judaism, Islam, and the beliefs of Agnosticism and Atheism. Currently, the larger part of the population is Aspen Orthodox Baptist at roughly 84%, Islam at 8%, Judaism at 4%, and Agnosticism/Atheism at 4%.


The media in the Aspen Empire is mainly dominated by American channels such as ABC, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Time Warner Television. Most film and television is broadcast from the United States via the Aspen Media Network (the primary media network in the Aspen Empire).

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