Aspen Empire

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red and yellow background, with an eagle surrounded by civic wreath in top left corner.
Coat of arms containing shield, royal standard and crown, held by lion and an eagle.
Coat of arms
Capital Williamsburg
Largest city Norfolk
Official languages English
Recognised national languages French
Demonym Aspen
Government Federation
• Monarch
James II
Chancellor Swordsman
Legislature Aspen Congress
Imperial Council
Federal Diet
Independence from Virginia
• Declaration of Independence
17 November 2018
• Current constitution
28 November 2018
• Total
0.032 km2 (0.012 sq mi)
• Estimate
Currency Aspen Imperial Dollar (AID; A$)
Time zone EST
Date format dd-mm-yyyy;
Drives on the right

The Aspen Empire, more commonly known as Aspen, is a micronation located at the southeastern most tip of the state of Virginia in the United States. the Aspen Empire is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy, with power vested both in the monarch and a chancellor. There are four provinces that form the Empire, Winchester, Carolina, Gloucester, and Appalachia, as well as the federally controlled lands of the Northwest Territory, and the federal city of Williamsburg. The Aspen Empire was officially established on November 28, 2018 and is surrounded by the U.S. States of Virginia and North Carolina. it has a total area of roughly 8 acres and a population of 38. The current Aspen Emperor is James II, who has reigned since November 29, 2018.


Early History

The area currently occupied by the Aspen Empire has existed for hundreds of years and was most notably controlled by the kecoughtan Tibe of native Americans until 1609. In 1609 the Virginia company of London set up the colony of Jamestown on jamestown island. The Newly founded colony of Virginia expanded rapidly in the mid and late 17th century, eventually moving its capital to the city of williamsburg. Until the American revolution the colony of Virginia was a profitable and useful colony in the British tobacco and cotton industries.

Modern History

From 1776 onwards, the colony of Virginia was a state in the United States but remained largely undeveloped until after the American Civil War. After the war, many soldiers came to the area of Virginia known as Hampton Roads which led to exponential growth in the region during reconstruction, culminating in the development of cities such as Virginia Beach and Newport News. During and after WWI a shipyard was constructed for building naval vessels for the war effort. This shipyard eventually came to be known as Newport News Shipbuilding and is a useful asset to the development of the Aspen Empire.

Present Day

The Aspen Empire was technically established in 1848 by king George II of Winchester, but it wasn't until James II that the Empire was validated by an official constitution. the Emperor became the first to officiate the establishment of such a constitution. under the new constitution, the Empire has undergone numerous reforms, including the establishment of more democratic institutions, and the widespread access to education via the Imperial Institute.


The Aspen Empire is located along a historical ice free harbor known as Hampton Roadstead in southeastern Virginia. The Empire has access to numerous rivers and bays that provide a stable source of fresh water and a way of commerce.


The Current government in the Aspen Empire was established on February 16, 2019. the new constitution outlined a clear difference between the original charter and the new government. the constitution is composed of numerous articles regarding the various functions of the government, as well as the territory it encompasses.

Article II, the Legislature: the legislative branch of the Aspen Empire is the Imperial Congress, composed of the Imperial Council and Federal Diet. the Imperial Council is composed of one third peers and the other two thirds are elected. the Federal Diet is completely elected and is the most numerous branch of the legislature.

Article III, the Emperor: the Emperor of the Aspen Empire serves as the president of the Confederation. this title is hereditary and can only be passed to the Kings of Winchester.

Article IV, the Chancellor: the Chancellor is the second most powerful position in the Empire. Appointed by the Emperor, the chancellor is in command of the Imperial Congress as well as the de facto leader of the government.

Article V, the Judiciary: the Judiciary of the Aspen Empire is a simple court system composed of a supreme court and lower courts

Ministries and Positions

Federal States

As the Aspen Empire is a federal constitutional monarchy, the Empire is subsequently composed of numerous states which share power with the people and the federal government.

Flag Name Admitted to the Empire Population Governor
Winchester Flag.png Winchester 30 November 2018 16 TBD
Aspen-Carolina flag.png Carolina 30 November 2019 8 TBD
Gloucester Flag.png Gloucester 30 November 2019 8 TBD
Appalachia Flag.png Appalachia 30 November 2019 6 TBD
Incorporated Autonomous States
PazistanFlag.png United Commonwealth of Pazistan and Cianistan 12 March 2019 12 Prime Minister Cai Parry
Crown Dependencies


Culture of the Aspen Empire is highly affected by the culture of the United States and North America as a whole. The culture is most similar to that of the Southern United States, with many of the foods, traditions, and other aspects of the American South being present within the Aspen Empire. Other than the previously mentioned cultural facts, the Aspen Empire is also highly influenced by American media such as music and television.


The Aspen Empire is divided among religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and the beliefs of Agnosticism and Atheism. Currently, the larger part of the population is Christianity at roughly 84%, Islam at 8%, Judaism at 4%, and Agnosticism/Atheism at 4%.


The media in the Aspen Empire is mainly dominated by American channels such as ABC, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Time Warner Television. Most film and television is broadcast from the United States via the Aspen Media Network (the primary media network in the Aspen Empire).

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