Aspen Empire

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Coat of Arms (Aspen).jpg
Coat of arms
God save the Emperor also known as Hail Aspen
Capital Williamsburg
Largest city Norfolk
Official languages English
Recognised national languages French
Recognised regional languages Welsh
Demonym(s) Aspen
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
James II
Cai Parry
Legislature Aspen Parliament
House of Commons
Independence from Virginia
• Declaration of Independence
17 November 2018
• Current constitution
28 November 2018
• Total
0.032 km2 (0.012 sq mi)
• Estimate
Currency Aspen Imperial Dollar (AID; A$)
Time zone EST
GMT (Pazistan))
Date format dd-mm-yyyy;
Driving side right
Left (Pazistan)

The Aspen Empire, more commonly known as Aspen (not to be confused with Aspenia), is a micronation located at the southeastern most tip of the state of Virginia in the United States. The Aspen Empire is made up of three constituencies, the Kingdom of Winchester, the Grand Duchy of Gloucester, and the Duchy of Carolina. the Aspen Empire currently has an official size of around 0.032 square kilometers, but its true size is unknown as there has not been an official geographic survey conducted.

The government of the Aspen Empire is a unitary constitutional monarchy (changed from a federal monarchy on May 8, 2019) and is governed by the Aspen Parliament, which follows the westminster model of parliament the parliament is further divided by the Senate and the House of Commons. the House of Commons is elected each second year by the people of the various constituencies, but the Senate is appointed by the monarch at the advice of the chancellor.

the Aspen Empire has been described by many critics as being an expansionist micronation, in January 2019, the Aspen Empire merged with the Kingdom of Misberia, it was only two weeks later that the Misberian citizens officially decided to break up the Empire into its former states. in March 2019, the Aspen Empire entered into talks with the Commonwealth of Pazistan to negotiate its joining of the Empire. After these negotiations the Aspen Empire officially inducted the Commonwealth of Pazistan into the Empire under the new title of Autonomous Governed Nation within the Aspen Empire, eventually shortened to the title of Autonomous Dominion.

The Aspen economy is mostly inactive, as no businesses have been established within the Aspen Empire as of May 2019, but plans to initiate a government program to establish state run industries to boost the Aspen economy have been discussed in parliament. these measures have been tabled in the House of Commons and is awaiting a committee.


Early History

The area currently occupied by the Aspen Empire has existed for hundreds of years and was most notably controlled by the kecoughtan Tribe of native Americans until 1609. In 1609 the Virginia Company of London set up the colony of Jamestown on Jamestown island. The Newly founded colony of Virginia expanded rapidly in the mid and late 17th century, eventually moving its capital to the city of Williamsburg. Until the American revolution the colony of Virginia was a profitable and useful colony in the British tobacco and cotton industries.

Modern History

From 1776 onwards, the colony of Virginia was a state in the United States but remained largely undeveloped until after the American Civil War. After the war, many soldiers came to the area of Virginia known as Hampton Roads which led to exponential growth in the region during reconstruction, culminating in the development of cities such as Virginia Beach and Newport News. During and after WWI a shipyard was constructed for building naval vessels for the war effort. This shipyard eventually came to be known as Newport News Shipbuilding and is a useful asset to the development of the Aspen Empire.

Present Day

The Aspen Empire was technically established in 1848 by king George II of Winchester, but it wasn't until James II that the Empire was validated by an official constitution. the Emperor became the first to officiate the establishment of such a constitution. under the new constitution, the Empire has undergone numerous reforms, including the establishment of more democratic institutions, and the widespread access to education via the Imperial Institute.



The Aspen Empire is mainly located in southeastern Virginia with the Aspen mainland and core regions being located on a region known as the Virginia Peninsula. the empire has its territory scattered throughout the Hampton Roads region with many areas of land being scattered throughout the south side (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, etc.) and on the northern regions of the peninsula and northern neck (Williamsburg, York, and Gloucester).

The Empire is also located near many major bodies of water allowing it access to the Atlantic Ocean as well as the resource rich Chesapeake Bay. other waterways in the region include the York River, the James river, the Elizabeth River, and the Back River.


The Mainland of the Empire has a humid, sub-tropical climate with hot summers and relatively mild winters, this climate allows for extensive agricultural productivity throughout the region, as well as harboring a well developed tourism industry.


The Aspen Empire is governed by a parliament composed of the House of Commons and the Senate. The House of Commons is elected directly by the people and the Senate is appointed by the Monarch on the advice of the chancellor. the chancellor is the leader of the government (HM Government) and is appointed by the monarch traditionally by being the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons. though the chancellor is appointed from the House of Commons, they exercise their control over the entire parliament by recommending people to become life peers to the monarch. the Chancellor can be voted out of their position by a motion of no confidence, which can be tabled by any member of the House of Commons.

The Crown is comprised of three areas of governance, the Executive, the Judiciary, and the Government. the Executive portion of the monarch's role is to represent the nation abroad, and function as a head of state, as well as officially appoint the Chancellor and the peerage of the Aspen Empire. the Monarch is also able to dissolve parliament, command the military, and is the sole power necessary to assent bills to law. the Judicial portion of the Monarch's role is that they are the most supreme judicial authority in the Empire, appointing judges, and serving as the court of final appeal. the Monarch's role in the Government is that they are charged with appointing a chancellor from the House of Commons and appoint the peerage in the Senate.

though the judiciary is included in the crown, it also serves as its own separate body, the judiciary of the Aspen Empire is lead by a supreme court which is lead by the monarch, the supreme court may call into question any manner of legislation, and guarantees the rights and freedoms of Aspen citizens.

Ministries and Positions


The armed forces of the Aspen Empire – officially, His Majesty's Armed Forces – consist of three professional service branches: the Royal Navy, the Aspen Army and the Royal Air Force. The forces are managed and controlled by the Ministry of Defence, chaired by the Secretary of State for Defence. The Commander in Chief is the Aspen monarch, to whom members of the forces swear an oath of allegiance. The Armed Forces are charged with protecting the Empire and its territories, promoting the Empires's global security interests and supporting international peacekeeping efforts.

Administrative Division

As the Aspen Empire is a unitary constitutional monarchy, however, the Empire is subsequently composed of provinces and constituent countries which share power with the people and the federal government.

Flag Name Admitted to the Empire Population Governor
Winchester 27 November 2018 4
Constituent Countries
PazistanFlag.png Commonwealth of Pazistan 12 March 2019 12 Prime Minister Cai Parry
Crown Dependencies


The Culture of the Aspen Empire is that of the southern United States, with a strong and prevalent existence of southern cultural norms. the most prevalent part of southern united states culture in Aspen is the food. Much of the food consumed in the Aspen Empire during traditional holidays such as Easter or Christmas and on special occasions is of southern origin (i.e. Fried Chicken, Ham, Sweet Tea, etc.). Other important aspects of southern influence on Aspen culture include music, dialect, and traditional festivals.

Aspen Culture is not as prevalent in the Commonwealth of Pazistan where the largest influence is that of the welsh cultures.


The media in the Aspen Empire is mainly dominated by American channels such as ABC, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Time Warner Television. Most film and television is broadcast from the United States via the Aspen Media Network (the primary media network in the Aspen Empire).

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