Aspen Monarchy

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King of Aspen
James II
since 27 November 2018
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchJames II
Formation27 November 2018

The monarchy of the Kingdom of Aspen, commonly referred to as the Aspen Monarchy is the constitutional monarchy of the Kingdom of Aspen. The current monarch and head of state is King James II who ascended the throne on 27 November 2018.

The monarch takes on a number of ceremonial and diplomatic duties. Since the Parliament Act 2019, the Aspen monarch has had limited power over actual government, this power was further limited under the 2020 Constitution. Since the October reforms the Aspen monarch has had the title King of the Aspens, and has an expanded role in government as a check on the three branches of government.

The Royal Standard of the Aspen monarch.

Constitutional Role

In the Constitution of the Kingdom of Aspen the role of the monarch is that of the embodiment of the Crown, the physical representation of the Kingdom of Aspen and the permanence of the Aspen State. The King has a number of powers explicitly granted to him in the Constitution.


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The full title and style of the sovereign is "James the Second, by the Grace of God, King of Aspen. Under Aspen law the Aspen sovereign may not hold any titles in conjunction with his title as King of Aspen.

The sovereign is entitled to use the style of "Majesty"

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