Aspenian Monarchy

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Queen of Democratic Republic Of Aspenia
HM Eryn Lewis

Style Her Majesty
First monarch HM Cameron I
Formation 23 December 2018

The Monarchy of Aspenia, is the political institution comprising a Monarch of the Democratic Republic Of Aspenia. The Monarch - males titled as King and females as Queen - is head of state and government of Aspenia, by virtue of which they wield the extensive executive, legislative, and judicial powers of the Throne. The first Monarch was HM Cameron Koehler, who held the Throne but abdicated to HM Eryn Lewis.

Powers and duties

The Monarch of Aspenia reenlists a full political appearance, they have the right and power to:

  • The power to issue or create agencies.
  • The power to form diplomatic actions with other micronations.
  • The power to appoint representatives.
  • The power to grant titles and awards to any member of Aspenia.


The monarchy was founded on 23 December 2018 when Ryland retired from micronationalism.

The monarch has official and political power over anything they want.

List of monarchs

Portrait Name Born Became monarch House
HM Cameron I 1 September 2006 23 December 2018 at 2:33 PM Koehler
HM Eryn Lewis 8 October 1999 23 December 2018 at 2:54 PM N/A

Line of succession

The line of succession for the Monarch position flows through the selection of the King or Queen.