Intermicronational Relief Aid Committee

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The Intermicronational Relief Aid Committee, also known as IMRAC, is an intermicronational and non-governmental organisation dedicated to providing a platform for micronational states to contribute to international aid and relief efforts across the globe through FreeRice. It was established in November 2008 by Robert Lethler in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and, from 24 January 2009 until 2011, was part of the Grand Unified Micronational. Currently the committee is independent, and as of March 2013 had donated over 700,000 grains of rice.

Mission and Purpose

IMRAC was established with the intention of creating an intermicronational organisation and platform dedicated to contributing to various international aid efforts. Acknowledging that it was not physically possible for many micronations to make an effective inidividual contribution to such efforts, IMRAC seeks to assist member states in providing relief aid to other countries and nations by organising cooperative donation efforts through websites such as FreeRice. Additionally, IMRAC seeks to encourage member states to involve themselves with various charity organisations where financially possible in order to further the micronational contribution to international aid efforts. IMRAC regards itself as a platform for micronations to further their national autonomy by involving themselves, even if only to a limited degree, in efforts that transcend national barriers. These goals were largely unaccomplished due to inactivity; the stated goals of the IMRAC today are merely to allow micronations to contribute to FreeRice and to promote micronationalism.


The IMRAC was originally intended to be a formally organised committee with an elected Chairperson. However, after the fall into inactivity and subsequent split from the GUM, it was organised as more of a casual group of FreeRice players by J.J. Hakimoto.


As a part of the GUM, the USMR, Scientopia, Ohio Empire, St.Charlie, and Danburnia were all members, with Camuria, Slinky Empyre, Tozland, and Burkland listed as "assisting non-members". Currently, Yurtyzstan, Juclandia, and Austenasia are members, along with Burkland, the only remaining original member.

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