Grand Unified Micronational election, December 2014

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GUM Chair election, December 2014

← September 2014 4–11 December 2014 March 2015 →
Candidate Taeglan I Nihilus
Party Independent
Home state Reyla
States carried 9
Percentage 100.0%

Chair before election

Adam Belcher

Elected Chair

Taeglan I Nihilus

Elections for the Chair, Supreme Judge and Secretariat of the Grand Unified Micronational were held on 4–11 December 2014. They were the GUM's twenty-first round of elections.

Chair election

Taeglan I

Supreme Judge election


Secretariat elections

Secretary for Security and Community Affairs

Austenasia Jonathan I Harbis
8 1

Secretary for Media Affairs and Public Relations


Secretary for Cultural Affairs and Micronational Education

Cassidy Mathew
9 1

Secretary for Scientific Cooperation and Research

Hytholoday Crnogorcevic
9 1