2022 GUM London Summit

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2022 GUM London Summit
Date 3 December 2022
Site Grove Vale Library, West Dulwich, London, United Kingdom
Attendees 5

The 2022 GUM London Summit was a gathering of micronationalists hosted by the Grand Unified Micronational.

The meeting was chaired by Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia, the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, and attended by four other micronationalists, three representing GUM member states. The organisation of an in-person summit was one of the foremost pledges of Jonathan I in his electoral campaign for Chair, and he was assisted in organising it both by Vice-Chair Newton von Uberquie and also by James Reginald Frisch (only the latter of whom was able to attend).


Delegation Name Position Notes
 Austenasia Jonathan I Emperor of Austenasia Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
 Adammia Adam I Emperor of Adammia
 Elmwycke Larry Martin Speaker of the Royal College of Elmwycke
 Serene Beaconite Republic James Frisch Rector of the Serene Beaconite Republic
 Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Mike Lewis Prime Minister of Lundenwic Non-member state

Additionally, the following were present online at the livestreamed Quorum session via Discord:


The summit took place in the meeting room at Grove Vale Library in West Dulwich, London. This site was chosen both for its affordability to hire and for its accessibility in regards to public transport.

The attendees preparing to livestream the Quorum session

The summit began with two presentations, the first by Emperor Adam I on early Adammic history and its legacy, and the second by Larry Martin on the flag of Elmwycke. The main event, though, was an in-person Quorum meeting - only the third in the organisation's history - held in a hybrid-style via livestreaming over Discord. With only four voting delegates present in person, a group voice call was held in the GUM Discord server so that online delegations could also participate; in total, eight full members and one provisional member attended. Votes were placed in the ordinary online channel as usual so as to enable those not present to have their say. Unlike the two previous in-person Quorums, which had dealt with primarily symbolic issues, this Quorum served a practical function and accepted the Empire of Imvrassia and the Caelum Guild as a full member state and an observer state respectively.

Following the end of the Quorum, the attendees departed to a nearby pub for food and drinks.