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MicroCon is a biennial and largest convention of micronationalist government representatives. Beginning in 2015, MicroCon was created by the government of Molossia as a venue for delegates of micronations around the world "to share their ideas, dreams and worlds with each other."[1]

Each convention is hosted by a different micronation, decided upon by the MicroCon Committee.[2] The first two conventions took place in the United States, while the third took place in Canada. Each MicroCon has had a larger number of attendees then the last.[citation needed] Conventions consist of speeches and presentations, as well as giving the opportunity to socialise, such as exchanging passport stamps and medals, signing diplomatic treaties, creating alliances and giving orders.[3]



MicroCon 2015

MicroCon 2017

MicroCon 2019

MicroCon 2022

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