MicroCon 2017

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MicroCon 2017
MicroCon 2017 Leaders.jpg
Date 22-25 June 2017
Site Atlanta, Georgia, United States
URL http://www.molossia.org/microcon/index.html
Previous summit Midsummer Micronational Meeting 2015
Next summit MicroCon 2019

MicroCon 2017 was an intermicronational event that took place in Atlanta, Georgia in June 2017. It was hosted by the Georgia-based Kingdom of Ruritania. MicroCon 2017 included a conference and formal banquet. The summit was attended by 25 micronations from three continents. A series of presentations were given to delegates covering topics such as, "How to Sustain a Micronation", "Alternative Citizenship", "Micronational Postal Systems", "Keeping it Real - Real Life, Real Activities and Real Places in Micronationalism" among other topics.

The nations represented at MicroCon 2017 were: Kingdom of Ruritania, Republic of Molossia, Grand Duchy of Westarctica, Principality of Aigues-Mortes, Kingdom of Slabovia, Republic of West Who, House of Homestead, Republic of St. Castin, Aerican Empire, Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia, State of Sandus, Commonwealth of Boshka, Kingdom of Jupiter and Greater Territories, Grand Duchy of Flandrensis, Kingdom of Amethonia, Republique du Saugeais, Kingdom of Coria, Kingdom of Briarcliff, Mountain Empire of Frankland, The Star Kingdom, Republic of Incrementis and the Kingdom of Talossa.


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