Star Kingdom

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Star Kingdom
File:Georgia, USA
CapitalRoyal Household
Largest cityCorasunt
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• Monarch
King Austin Rowe
EstablishmentMarch 2012
• Census
CurrencyStar Dollar ($ with SD at the end of the number amount)
Time zoneEastern Time

The Star Kingdom is a secessionist kingdom in the Southeastern United States, specificlally the state of Georgia. It currently controls land claims of about 23.4 acres of land in the cities of Macon and Lizella, GA. The kingdom is currently looking for new citizens to join them in growing their nation. If you would like to become a citizen or want more information, please email the King at or


The Star Kingdom does not currently have a military due to lack of citizens.


The Star Kingdom's currency is called the Star Dollar. The kingdom utilizes an online banking system to manage their currency. Each citizen is be given a bank account after their citizenship application is approved. The Star Dollar is backed by the US dollar and will be exchangeable for fiat money via PayPal. Additionally, it is used to pay the government employees and to purchase goods between citizens. The unemployment rate is 0% and the national debt is currently $0SD


There are currently 5 citizens.


The government is a parliamentary monarchy. Star Kingdom officials believe in the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to start a militia, the right to join a militia, the right to a fair trial, among other things. The king plans to write up a constitution and once the nation has a good number of citizens. After the constitution is drafted, a vote will be held. If the majority of the citizens like the constitution, it will become official.


The Star Kingdom is a distributed nation, meaning that citizens can live anywhere in the world and still be guaranteed all rights according to the official law. That said, the kingdom has claimed 23 and a half acres of woodlands located in the state of Georgia. It is great for hunting, and will hopefully be used to start a physical community in the future. Kingdom officials have said they plan to live off the land and become self-sufficient.