Kingdom of Edan

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Kingdom of Edan
Motto: Our Shield is Truth, Our Sword is Justice, and our Path is Freedom
Anthem: Mars, the Bringer of War
Official languagesEnglish and Ecclesial Latin
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
Feudal Technocratic Distributism
• King
King Richard I


Edan was created in October, 1999 by King Richard. Initial growth in citizens was quite rapid and by January, 2001 the citizenty had grown enough that the Crown was beginning to offer its own services. However, the Crown learned that con artists were attempting to use the kingdom's web presence to swindle non-citizens. Between 2002 and 2007 the Kingdom was a very limited web presence and did not accept new citizens. Discussions with citizens during that time led to serious revisions to the initial constitution and reduced the number of citizens drastically.
On March 31, 2009, the Constitution was ratified as law and applications for citizenship were accepted again beginning on April 1, 2009.


The Kingdom of Edan is divided into two branches; the Legislative and the Executive, or Crown.

Legislative branch

The Legislature consists of two bodies; the Senate and the Council. The Senate is composed of citizens selected in general and local elections. The Council is composed of the senior members of the nobility. The Legislature is responsible for setting a budget and passing laws.

Executive Branch/The Crown and Nobility

The Executive branch consists of the King (currently King Richard I), Royal Family and the Nobility. The King is the head of state, head of government, supreme commander of the military, and is solely responsible for foreign relations. He has veto power over legislation, control over taxes, and the ability to create nobles.

The King and the Nobles are responsible for enforcing the law, protecting citizens, providing for national and regional defense, providing police and fire services, etc. Further, they must also provide the duties of the judiciary.


The Kingdom of Edan is a Constitutional Monarchy based upon Feudal Technocratic Distributism. Edan is a Catholic nation although citizens are free to follow other religions. The Kingdom of Edan is quasi-territorial in that some nobles are responsible for all citizens within a defined geographic area even while Edan currently makes no claims of absolute territorial sovereignty. The King also reserves the right to make future territorial claims at any time.


Flag of Edan

In traditional European heraldry black is the color of courage and gold is the color of purity. The black field sybolizes the courage of Edanian citizen striving to create a new kingdom and a new type of nation. The gold stripe represents our commitment to making a just nation. The seven Maltese crosses reflect the Catholic identity of the nation as well as symbolizing the seven continents (showing that Edan is for the whole world), the seven spiritual virtues and the seven corporal works of charity.

Offline Activity

The Kingdom of Edan has always had the majority of its activity offline. Indeed, for 8 years it had no web presence at all despite having over 100 active citizens. Since 2015 the Kingdom of Edan has maintained an email group and since 2020 a private Discord server.

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