PoliNation 2010

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PoliNation 2010
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Attendees of the summit listening to a speech given by Stephen Szabo.
Host countryDe jure:
De facto:
 Empire of Atlantium
Venue(s)Dangar Island, Sydney, Australia
WebsiteOfficial invitation link

PoliNation 2010 was a micronational summit that took place on 17 April 2010, on Dangar Island near Sydney, Australia. The summit was organised by Dr. Judy Lattas of Macquarie University, Princess Paula of The Principality of Snake Hill, and George Cruickshank of the Empire of Atlantium.

Macquarie University, a prominent university based in New South Wales, Australia, officially supported the conference.[1]

To date, PoliNation 2010 remains the only official micronational summit to have taken place in Australia, however Cruickshank has announced that he intends to host PoliNation 2024 in Sydney, marking the first PoliNation summit since 2015.[citation needed]



The summit commenced with a welcome by the conference organisers, as well as a talk given by a resident of Dangar Island, regarding the history of the Dangar Island secession movement. Three plenary addresses, presented by the three organisers of the event - George Cruickshank of Atlantium, Princess Paula of Snake Hill, and Dr. Judy Lattas of Macquarie University, were subsequently presented.

Following a brief break for morning tea, William Pitt, an independent scholar representing Prince Leonard of the Principality of Hutt River gave a talk on the isolation of Hutt River, followed by a presentation given by another independent scholar, Stephen Szabo, entitled "Paul Baron Neuman, Aeterna Lucina, and the Confederation of Chivalry".

Followed by this, the representative for the Republic of Lavalon, Jason Mckerra, gave a speech entitled "David Siminton and the Principality of Camside: Political Enterprise or Dirty Scam?". Prince Paul Delprat of the Principality of Wy also gave a talk, entitled "A tribute to the Australian community".

Following a lunch break at the Dangar Island Cafe, the summit resumed, with stories, questions, and discussion of Australian micronations and micronationalism taking place, with Peter Gillies of the Principality of United Oceania, Phillip Fish of the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1, Darryl Keam of the Independent Sovereign State of Australia, George Cruickshank of the Empire of Atlantium (representing the Principality of Dubeldeka), Jason Mckerra of the Republic of Lavalon, and Lady Faye of the Principality of Snake Hill all giving talks.

To conclude the summit, a roundtable was convened to discuss the possibility and value of a union of micronations.

Post-conference tour of Hutt River

Attendees of the PoliNation 2010 summit were also invited to attend an optional post-conference tour of the Principality of Hutt River, as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations. The attendees of the summit who also agreed to partake in the Hutt River tour flew from Sydney to Perth, followed by the approximately six hour long drive in a car from Perth to Hutt River.


The Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) estimated that as many as forty delegates, academics, and members of the press, in addition to members of the public, attended the summit.[2]

Micronations in attendance

It is estimated that 10 micronations were in attendance - although this number is likely higher due to some delegates of the summit representing more than one nation.

Media coverage

BBC correspondent Phil Mercer interviewing Dr Judy Lattas at PoliNation 2010.

PoliNation 2010 garnered attention from press, with several news outlets attending the summit.

Phil Mercer, a correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation, was in attendance at the summit.[3]

In addition, the Associated Press attended the summit.

Other notable attendees

Dr. Judy Lattas, a notable academic from Macquarie University, attended the summit as one of the event's organisers.

Paul Poet, a film producer, attended the summit with a film crew, as part of a documentary entitled Empire Me: New Worlds Are Happening!.


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