MicroCon 2023

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MicroCon 2023
Date 30 June - 2 July 2023 (United States)[1]
11–13 August 2023 (Belgium)[1]
Location Joliet, Illinois, United States
Ypres, Belgium
Host Ladonia
Previous summit MicroCon 2022
Next summit PoliNation 2024
URL Official Website

MicroCon 2023 was a micronational summit that took place in two locations: the first, from 30 June through 2 July 2023 in Joliet, Illinois; and the second, from the 11 through 13 of August in Ypres, Belgium. The US MicroCon was hosted by the Royal Republic of Ladonia and the EU MicroCon was co-hosted by Ladonia and Flandrensis, as announced at the end of MicroCon 2022.


During the presentation portion of MicroCon 2022, Queen Carolyn of Ladonia announced that she had won the bid to host the next MicroCon and that some of the planning had already begun. The decision was made by the MicroCon Committee to adjust the date of the conference to 2023 to return to odd-numbered years. MicroCon 2021 was delayed for one year due to the impact of Covid-19.

When presenting her pitch to host MicroCon 2023, Queen Carolyn of Ladonia included the idea of jointly hosting a companion event in Europe. The primary organizers of the European conference were Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis and the Ladonian Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Yvan Bertjens.



The events of the Joliet MicroCon followed a similar format to those of years prior. On Thursday evening there was an informal get together in a restaurant located within the same hotel where the conference would be. At the get together there were organized matches of trivia and tic-tac-toe. On Friday morning were the Nemean Games, hosted by the MOF, in where multiple athletic events were held. On Friday evening was a semi-formal meet-up. On Saturday morning were presentations. After the presentations, attendees were invited to come up and give out any awards they planned on giving out. On Saturday evening was the gala, where the location for the next MicroCon, Montreal in 2025 was announced. On Sunday morning, an archery contest was suggested but only Miles B. Huff, Jackson I, Matthew Hughes, and Nathan Hughes attended. Afterwards a few attendees got together for a bowling tournament.


The event startet on the evening of the 11 August with setting up the flags at the venue and afterwards the participants attended the famous Last Post Ceremony. To round off the evening, some drinks and snacks were taken in the Brasserie Kazematten. On saturday morning the participants set up their displays and then the presentations started. At around 5 pm after the announcement for the upcoming MicroCon 2025 a diplomatic reception and a following formal dinner took place at the venue in Ypres. On sunday, the remaining delegates visited the In Flanders Fields Museum and afterwards Passendale. In the evening, a handful of micronationalists concluded MicroCon EU 2023 with an informal dinner in Ypres.



All nations officially registered:[2]


All nations attended:[3][4]


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