MicroCon 2023

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MicroCon 2023
Date 30 June - 2 July 2023[1]
Location Joliet, Illinois, United States
Ypres, Belgium
Host Ladonia
Previous summit MicroCon 2022
Next summit
URL Official Website

MicroCon 2023 is an upcoming micronational summit that will take place in two locations: the first, from 30 June through 2 July 2023 in Joliet, Illinois; and the second, from 11 through 13 August in Ypres, Belgium. The US MicroCon will be hosted by the Royal Republic of Ladonia, as announced at MicroCon 2022; and the EU MicroCon will be co-hosted by Ladonia and Flandrensis.


As part of their unsuccessful campaign to become Chair and Vice Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, Sertor Valentinus and Anthony I of Saspearian promised to have the Grand Unified Micronational be formally represented at MicroCon 2023.



All nations officially registered:[2]


All nations officially registered:[3]


The Federal Union of Wegmat, based near Chicago, launched an official boycott of the event, accusing Carolyn I of Ladonia and other attendees of transphobia and homophobia.[4] Another problem Prime Minister Cole Baird has with the event is that the host nation is not located in Chicago or even Illinois. The Wegmat Government plans to do a counter-event in August that would be free of charge.


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