Trinational Summit

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2021 Tri Nations Summit
Date 20 February 2021
Site U.S Draculian Embassy, Houston, Texas, United States
Attendees 4

The Trinational Summit, also known as the Tri Nations Summit , was an intermicronational summit which took place on 20 February 2021. The summit was hosted by the Commonwealth of Dracul and was attended by deligates from the State of Zenrax, Grand Republic of Cycoldia and the aforementioned Dracul.


In the weeks leading up to the summit, it was discussed that Charles von Grasutark, Deputy Secretary of State for Dracul, would be flying down to Houston, Texas to visit friend and Draculian Vice President Stephen Luke. While Charles was planning his trip, he reached out to Christina Nowell of Cycoldia in hopes that he also may pay her a visit due to Cycoldia's close geographic location relative to Dracul. Hearing of this, Emperor Shiro of Zenrax also expressed interest in joining the group and therefor a summit was planned for February 20 following Charles' state visit to Cycoldia the day before.


The summit began around noon Draculian Time on the 20th with all delegates having arrived at the Draculian Embassy by 3pm. Following a brief reception in the Embassy, the goup moved to the Draculian Vice President’s private study where policy was discussed. Later in the day, food was ordered for the group and the night ended with three of the four delegats driving to Dracul itself and partaking in a group walk/tour around the nation, viewing various national icons, such as Bran House, and discussiong micronational topics the whole time. The summit concluded at roughly 11pm with Emperor Shiro leaving to return to Zenrax and Christina I departing for Cycoldia shortly after.


Nation of origin Name Representing Position Notes
 Commonwealth of Dracul Stephen Luke  Commonwealth of Dracul Vice President of Dracul Primary organizer of summit.
Charles von Graustark Deputy Secretary of State Primary organizer of event. Co-signatory to Napocatania Concession Decleration.
 Zenrax Emperor Shiro I of Zenrax  Zenrax Emperor of Zenrax Participated in discussion of free trade and free flow of peoples between participating states.
 Grand Republic of Cycoldia Christina I of Cycoldia  Grand Republic of Cycoldia Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia Led discussion of defensive pact and military cross training initiative. Co-signatory to Napocatania Concession Decleration.


As a result of the meeting, the Concession of Napocatania was created. The summit was likewise met with overall approval by the greater intermicronational community.


Some controversy followed the conclusion of the event, namely the fact that the attendants broke COVID-19 social distancing practices and spent long amounts of time in close proximity with no masks. Additionally, at the time of the summit, no delegate was vaccinated against the coronavirus (though Christina I & II was believed immune). Due to these circumstances, several micronational leaders expressed dissappointment with the lack of mind payed to the global pandemic, namely Elizabeth Lewis of New Virginia who dubed the group the "Granny Killer Squad" and "Granny Killers".

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