MicroCon 2019

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MicroCon 2019
MicroCon 2019 Leaders upscale.png
Date 19-21 July 2019
Site Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
URL https://microcon2019.com/
Attendees 113
Previous summit 2019 GUM Birmingham Summit
Next summit 2020 InterMicronational Summit

MicroCon 2019 was an intermicronational event that took place in Ontario, Canada in July 2019. It was hosted by the United Slabovian Empire. The event included a diplomatic reception, conference, gala dinner and laser tag tournament. The summit was attended by 111 people hailing from 43 micronations, with two unaffiliated attendees as well. The press at the event was:

  • Burlington County Times
  • Reino Hornson Network
  • LU Radio
  • Spill Magazine
  • Not Exactly Normal
  • ABC Australia
  • The Yawning Chasm
  • Dark Wolf Productions

During the event, it was revealed that the Grand Duchy of Westarctica and Kingdom of Shiloh will be co-hosting MicroCon 2021.


Not counting the host, the micronations that attended the event include Westarctica, Empire of Angyalistan, Technocratic Republic of Theodia, Grand Duchy of Danduros, Republic of Molossia, State of Sandus, Commonwealth of Sovermia, Principality of Aigues-Mortes, Kingdom of Jupiter, United Republic of Obscurium, Republic of West Who, Empire of Iustus, Kingdom of Amethonia, Principality of Coventry deSomerville, Kingdom of Ruritania, Aerican Empire, Empire of Zion, Kingdom of Pibocip, Jusin Republic, House of DeHerrera, Kaz, ProHumanity Nation, Federal Republic of Caddia, Nitanistan, Kingdom of Überstadt, Commonwealth of Boshka, Ladonia, Sovereign House of Mithras, Republic of Hurliherzistan, Republic of Saint-Castin, Kingdom of Briarcliffe, Grand Republic of Cycoldia, Nordonian Empire, Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia, Rumspringa Republic, Banana Republic of Egan, Zaqiystan, Kayi Nation, Confederation of Seros Socialist Republics, Imperial Union of Cayania, and the Democratic Republic of Benjastan. A micronation called Sane-ia was supposed to attend but did not, according to Zar Antonov, president of Obscurium. Notably, no representatives of Shiloh were present at the event.

Order of Events

On July 19th, regristration was held all day, and attendees went on various tours in the area such as Dundurn Castle, Fort George, Royal Botanical Gardens, War Plane Heritage Museum, Haida Warship, and Hamilton Art Museum. At 19:00, a diplomatic reception was held, and attendees walked around and were able to see static displays set up by other attending micronations. The conference started on July 20, with doors opening at 08:00. Various talks were given, including one by King George from the host nation of Slabovia on how to make medals for your micronation.


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