Republic of Sovermia

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Republic of Sovermia
Coat of arms
LocationSouthern Vermont
Official languagesDevra
• President
Establishment7 Aug 1999[1]
• (2020 census) census

The Republic of Sovermia, more commonly known as Sovermia, is a micronation located in the US state of Vermont.


Sovermia was named for its location, following the pattern of "SoCal", with "So-" coming from "South" and "-verm-" coming from "Vermont". The "-ia" ending is the same suffix used in the names of many other countries, such as Bolivia, India, Serbia, etc.[2]


Sovermia was founded on libertarian ideals in 1999. For most of its history, Sovermia has been a republic. There was a short period in late 2019 and early 2020 when it was a monarchy; but the monarchy collapsed into the Second Republic in early March 2020.[3]

Politics and government

The country practices demarchy.

Foreign relations

As a matter of national policy, Sovermia does not usually accept offers of formal relations. However, exceptions have been made. The nations with which Sovermia has established formal relations are as follows:[4]

Sovermia has been known to attend micronational summits, such as MicroCon 2019.

Culture and media

Sovermia has a rich culture building on 20 years of development, and speaks a complete conlang: Devra.[5]

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