2013 Intermicronational Summit

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2013 Intermicronational Summit
Theme: International politics, friendship and mutual tolerance, micronationalism and the world
Status Concluded
Date 15-20 July 2013
Site Paris, France
Previous summit PoliNation 2012
Next summit 2013 Toronto Summit

The 2013 Intermicronational Summit was a meeting of micronationalists primarily from the MicroWiki Community which took place in Paris between 15 and 20 July 2013, making it the longest intermicronational meeting ever held to date. Delegates from micronations in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Romania attended the summit, which was based in an apartment in Paris which had been booked for several delegates to stay in over the five days.


After the success of the 2011 Intermicronational Summit and 2012 PoliNation Summit, a new summit was proposed for the summer of 2013 by Alexander Reinhardt. Arrangements began to be made in January 2013, and the date was set for 15–20 July 2013. The date makes it the longest micronational summit ever held, longer than the summits of 2011 and 2012, both of which formally lasted only for one day (although if related informal meetings between micronationalists gathered for PoliNation are counted, the latter could be seen as having lasted for three days). Emperor Jonathan I confirmed in May 2013 that he had booked an apartment for the summit, with those staying in the apartment having sent him their contributions towards its rent.


The following attended the summit, the first four staying in the apartment:



The first day of the summit was Monday 15 July. Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia and Tom Turner of Rukora arrived in Paris at Gare du Nord station on the Eurostar at 11:47 CEST (UTC+02:00), where they were met by King Ciprian of Juclandia, who had arrived in Paris the previous week and was staying with his first cousin once removed. The three national leaders took the Métro to Cambronne station, and walked from there to the apartment.

After the Emperor and Turner unpacked, the three leaders were met by Ciprian's cousin, Mircea, and the four of them went to a neaby restuarant, l'Estaminet. After eating, they took the Métro and a bus to Monmartre, where they saw the night-time view of the Parisian skyline from the hill, saw the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and were offered a laser pointer by an insistant merchant before departing.


Tuesday saw the arrival of Sebastian Linden, Federal Councillor of Francisville and leader of Pristinia. Joining Jonathan I, Turner, and Ciprian I (who had come round to the apartment earlier), the four went to a nearby supermarket to buy ingredients for a meal. After purchasing the required items, they returned to the apartment.

Ciprian I then departed, whereas Jonathan I, Turner and Linden took the Métro to the Eiffel Tower. Upon returning to the apartment, they discovered that the facilities in the kitchen were inadequate to cook the meal planned, and so a basic ragout had to be made instead.


Wednesday saw the arrival of Daniel Morris, a Consul General of Lostisland and the former leader of Draega and its predecessor states. Jonathan I, Linden, Turner and Morris were then joined by Ciprian I, Mircea, and Ciprian's girlfriend. The seven took the Métro to the Arc de Triomphe, from where they explored the Champs-Élysées.

Ciprian I returned to the apartment with the other delegates whereas his girlfriend and Mircea departed. The appearance of some vodka from which Ciprian and Linden drunk soon resulted in loud renditions of national anthems being sung while the sober delegates tried in vain to have uninterrupted Skype calls with Eritoshi of Memphis and Arthur Lobão. Ciprian having become rather more intoxicated than Linden, most of the evening was spent attempting to stop him from molesting an elevator, playfully attacking Morris, and posting explicit messages over Skype to Declan I and the YBM, both of which were soon made fully aware of the situation. A meal of spaghetti and the effects of simple metabolism soon sobered the intoxicated delegates, after which the vodka was hidden to prevent further similar scenarios.


On Thursday, Jonathan I, Turner, Linden and Morris were met by Ciprian I at the apartment and travelled via Métro to the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, from where they walked to the Musée du Louvre and looked around the exhibits.

Jonathan I and Linden returned back to the apartment whereas the other delegates travelled to the Palais Bourbon, where they met with Olivier I of Angyalistan before heading back to the apartment with him for a pasta meal and informal discussion.


Friday 19th was the last full day which all delegates would spend in Paris. Jonathan I, Linden, Turner and Morris took the Métro to Notre Dame Cathedral but did not go inside due to long queues. They instead walked along the bank of the River Seine, past the Court of Cassation, to a restuarant for lunch.

After getting lost in a poorly signposted Métro station, the delegates eventually reached Place de la République. They there met Sogoln Yg Ysca, President of the Formori Institute and bought drinks in a nearby Léon de Bruxelles. They were joined by Ciprian I and Mircea and travelled back to Cambronne to have dinner in a restuarant near the apartment. After informal discussion and photographs, Yg Ysca departed and the other delegates returned to the apartment.

It had been planned that the final evening in the apartment would be recorded on the Erephisia Cast. However, due to problems with the internet connection and the difficulty faced by several of the delegates trying to talk at once, only 4 minutes 21 seconds of the nearly 1 hour and 40 minutes Episode 16: Paris actually consists of recorded audio from the summit (00:40-02:16 and 28:12-31:07). With the delegates unable to join the recording, the evening was spent singing more national anthems and in stand-up impressions of well-known micronationalists.


Saturday, the last day of the summit, saw the delegates depart after tidying the apartment and packing their belongings.