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Coat of Arms

In nomine libertatis
National Anthem of the Republic of Lostisland
Official language(s)Federal: English
Regional: Russian, Dutch, Turkish
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameLostisland
DemonymLostislandian (nationality), Lostislandic (adjective)
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
- PresidentYaroslav Mar
- Prime MinisterAlexander Karapavlovič
LegislatureGrand National Assembly
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
EstablishedApril 19, 2013 (as Federal Republic)
July 2, 2008 (as Republic of Lostisland)
Area claimed49070.6km²
Time zoneVaries
National animalPigeon
This nation is a member of the SU, UAMW, MPR, IBCBCM, MCS, LOC and the AMU

Official website

Lostisland, officially the Federal Republic of Lostisland (Dutch: Federale Republiek Lostisland; Turkish: Federatif Cumhuriyeti Lostisland; Russian: Федеративная Республика Лостайленд) is an international project emulating a country which was created in April 2013 as a result of a referendum on unification of the Kingdom of Pavlov and the Republic of Lostisland. Unlike many other micronations, Lostisland doesn't claim to be a sovereign state, but rather defines herself as a cultural and social project.

Lostisland was founded in 2008 as an RPG, and reorganized into an exterritorial micronation in September 2010. In March 11 2011 it was turned into it current state of the new nation project. At April 4 2013 after the referendum with 66.7% support in Lostisland and 83% in Pavlov approved the unification, the Federal Republic of Lostisland was officially formed.[1]

In July 2012, the Ministry of Transport of the then Republic of Lostisland organized a vessel expedition to Hunter Island, which is thought to be the first and only such event happening within the MicroWiki Community and one of the few ones in modern micronational history.


RPG era and the first steps

The predecessor of Lostisland—an RPG with the same name was founded at July 2 2008 by a group of Russian students. Being constantly developed during the first two years, it entered a deep crisis in 2010. Understanding the needness of reorganizations, the Administrators decided to turn it into a something new and almost unknown in Russia—a virtual state. After a half-year preparations, in September 2010 was officially established the Republic of Lostisland. Two of the Administrators, Yaroslav Mar and Stepan Ignatiev became the Captains Regent (Heads of State) of the newborn nation.

Former Captain Regent Stepan Ignatiev is signing the first Certificate of Citizenship at October 23rd, 2010

At September 3 2010 the accepted constitution of the Republic of Lostisland has been published at the official website. Soon after declaring independence Lostisland established many intermicronational relations with Russian and foreign micronations. October 23, 2010 during the celebration of the birthday of Captain Regent Stepan Ignatiev was signed and stamped with the State Seal the first Certificate of Citizenship.

The treson of Tishkevicius

At the very beginning of its independent existence Lostisland became involved in a political crisis. October 25, 2010 Lostislandic citizenship has been granted to Theodore Tishkevicius. The next day Tishkevicius was appointed to the post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. However, November 6 Tishkevicius declared the establishment of a new micronation, independent from Lostisland. Immediately Tishkevicius was dismissed from the post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and deprived from Lostislandic citizenship. This forced Captain Regent Yaroslav Mar to make an official statement:

As a Captain Regent of the Republic of Lostisland I inform all our citizens and foreigners who have affairs with our nation, that Theodore Tishkevicius, our Minister of Foreign Affairs has been dismissed from his post and deprived of Lostislandic citizenship for the high treson and separatist activities, aimed at the destruction of Lostislandic statehood, perpetrated by separationing from Lostisland and claiming his own independent state. I ask all friendly to us states and their official representatives on Lostisland not to recognize the "state" of T. Tishkevicius, if he will get in touch with you or your diplomatic organizations. We will keep the public informed of developments, watch for news on our site. Please do not panic, the situation is under control.

— Official statement of Captain Regent Yaroslav Mar, November 6th, 2011

All foreign relations of Lostisland had been handed over to Captains Regent until the appointment of the new minister. However, soon was made an investigation of the Tishkevicius's activities, which showed that it is nothing more then a seventh-world stuff:

After a investigation, made by Lostislandic government to ascertain the situation about former minister T. Tishkevicius, we knew, that his "nation" is just seventh-world stuff, which can't be dangerous for our statehood. Also, Tishkevicius is not a complete fool, so he can reorganize his nation to more serious project. We'll still keep condicting surveillances.

Joining the Single Union

In November 2010 Lostisland started cooperation with the Single Union—first Russophone confederation of micronations. Thus, November 5 Lostisland recognized all members of the Union.[2] Several days after, November 13 Lostisland joined the Single Union as a full member.[3] This helped Lostisland to improve its positions in the Russophone micronational community, but seriously limited the possibilities of establishing diplomatic relations—according to the Memorandum of association of the Single Union, only the High Board has a right of establishing new diplomatic relations. This restriction was withdrawn only after a year.[4]

The Bananagate

Immediately after joining the Single Union, Lostisland became involved in the intermicronational crisis, later named Bananagate. It started when the ally of Lostisland, the Banana Republic of Can Orlantrix's Libertarians (BRoCOLi), published on its official website an article, which offended Pope Benedict XVI.[5] A few days after that, the formal complaint letter was sent by Captains Regent, asking the removal of insults to the Pope in your site as inciting religious hatred in order to preserve friendly relations. This letter was reject by the BRoCOLi's officials, and another press release was posted on the BRoCOLi's website.[6] At the next day Lostisland broke all relationship with BRoCOLi was terminated.[7][8]


  • November 7, 2010—first press release published on the website of the Banana Republic;
  • November 13, 2010—complaint letter from the Captains Regent of Lostisland is sent;
  • November 15, 2010—the BRoCOLi declined the Lostislandic complaints, another press release is published;
  • November 16, 2010—relationships between Lostisland and BRoCOLi are broken, both Republics are publishing press releases. Termination of the Bananagate.

Acquisition of the territory

The Hunter Island in the South Pacific didn't belong to any nation before in March 2011 Lostisland declared its sovereignty over it.

For many months since its foundation, the territorial question was very important for Lostisland. It seemed to be nearly insoluble, because the Captains Regent firmly decided not to claim land, which already is under the sovereignty of other nation. However, find the unclaimed land seemed to be unresolvable.

Luckily for Lostisland, in March 2011 Dr. Ilya Pakhomov informed Captain Regent Yaroslav Mar that in the South Pacific still exists an island, which belongs to noone. It was the Hunter Island. According to the studies, this volcanic arduous piece of land with no water on it was not interesting for the great marine superpowers like the United Kingdom, France etc. This led to the island designated on some maps as French, on the others as British and on others was not mentioned at all. When in the 1980 the New Hebrides received independence, the Hunter Island had not been submitted to the newly-founded Republic of Vanuatu, and remained unclaimed for more than 20 years.

To activate the sovereignty over this island, Lostislandic officials had to firstly disestablish the nation and then re-establish it on the Hunter Island—otherwise it will look like illegal occupation. For this reason the brilliant diplomatic operation was carried out:

  • February 28, 2011—by the Order of Captains Regent the majority of Lostislandic citizens are declared as absent,[9] so that only the Captains Regent remain active;
  • March 2, 2011—the Universal referendum for the disestablishment of Lostisland is opened;
  • March 7, 2011—the referendum is closed because all active citizens voted on it; 100% voted for the disestablishment.
  • March 9, 2011—the Declaration of the disestablishment of Lostisland is published; according to the p. 4

The Republic of Lostisland may be reestablished in any time.

— Declaration of the disestablishment of Lostisland[10]
  • March 11, 2011—the Declaration of independence of the Republic of Lostisland is published; according to it, the Republic of Lostisland was declared as a successor of the Republic of Lostisland and as its territory was proclaimed the Hunter Island.[11]

After that operation, the Lostislandic claims over the Hunter Island were legally activated. Later all citizens were again declared as active.


Several weeks after the aquisition of territory, the Republic of Chernorus, at that time already defunct Russophone micronation, decided to merge with the Republic of Lostisland. An appeal to the Captains Regent was published by President Alexey Lavrov, and at April 20 the Declaration on entering was published. According to it, the Republic of Chernorus was renamed to the Province of Orley, and later to the Orley Strip. President Alexey Lavrov received a title of the Grand Moff of the Orley Strip. A territory on the Hunter Island was given to the newly-founded province.

Orley Crisis

For more information, visit Orley Crisis

When Orley became part of Lostisland, the Captains Regent made all possible to improve the quality of life of Orleans. But as it was later discovered, Alexey Lavrov was a traitor and renegade, and tried to separate the Strip from Lostisland and give it to another nation. The crisis, which happened after that, was the most serious in the Lostislandic history.


  • August 1, 2011—Lavrov ends secret negotiations with Artem I, head of state of the Principality of Victoria. The Decree about the Orley Strip is published by the Victorian government, according to which the Orley Strip secedes from Lostisland and becomes part of the Principality of Victoria.[12] The Extreme Statement of Captains Regent is published, with a secession declared invalid.[13]
  • August 2, 2011—Captains Regent are publishing the Normative Act, again declaring the secession as invalid.[14] With the Order of Captains Regent, Alexey Lavrov is deprived from Lostislandic citizenship.[15] Captains Regent are appointing themselves as a Interim Governors of the Strip. Orley is declared being a restricted area with the prohibition of economic activities. With the next Order the presence on the territory of the Strip is prohibited without an appropriate permit.[16]
  • August 9, 2011—Captain Regent Stepan Ignatiev is publishing an official statement, expressing the readiness to defend the Strip until the bitter end.[17] Two hours later the Prince of Victoria annuled the Decree about the Orley Strip, and gave an official apology to the Government of Lostisland. The conflict was over.

The new era

Despite the opposite being always stated by the Lostislandic governmental officials and the significant influence the nation gained within the Russophone community, by the second half of 2011 it became obvious that Lostisland is in decline, with old citizens losing their interest in the project and very few new citizenship applications being received. After a telephone call between the two Captains Regent, Mar and Ignatiev realized that the main reason for problems Lostisland is facing now is the obsolete material and technical basis, which makes the Republic being non-attractive for foreigners. To overcome it, the Captains Regent decided to attract additional funds of the development of the Lostislandic nation. The first fruits of it appeared in December 2011.

New Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms of Lostisland, designed by Max Nazarenko.

While the flag of Lostisland, designed by Stepan Ignatiev, has been always treatened with the greatest of positive, the Coat of Arms in its turn, has been criticised many times for unprofessionalism and poor quality. That leaded to the Captains Regent starting a public tender for the right to design the new Coat of Arms of Lostisland. The tender, which was hold on the platform of Free-Lance, biggest Russian Internet-based web-market of freelancers, was attended by thirty designers of Russia and former USSR countries,[18] out of which the Captains Regent choosed the offer of Ukranian designer Max Nazarenko, which was the best in terms of price and quality. New Coat of Arms has been accepted by the December 27, 2011.[19]

Unification with Pavlov

on the 19th of April a treaty of unification was signed between the leaders of both the nation of the Republic of Lostisland and the Kingdom of Pavlov, where in the population has voted positive on the referendum for unification.


Since the unification with Pavlov, Lostisland is being governed as a Federal Republic with President as Head of State and Prime Minister as Head of Government. While President is officially the most important person in the Federal Republic, he's usually a representative figure as the Prime Minister and his cabinet, not President, exercises Executive power, though President remains Commander-in-Chief of the Lostislandic Army Forces.

Although both President and Prime Minister are being elected by on the Universal voting, according to the Article XXVIII of the Constitution first election will take place once a regular settlement is established on the territory of the Federal Republic, and until that Yaroslav Mar and Alexander Karapavlovič serve as President and Prime Minister respectively.


The Government of the Federal Republic is currently made up of the following members:

Foreign relations


As successor of the Republic of Lostisland and the Kingdom of Pavlov, the Federal Republic inherited diplomatic ties of both of them.


Informal friends

Former allies

  • Noflag.png Banana Republic of Can Orlantrix's Libertarians, relations broken since the 17th of November 2010
  • Slinky Empyre.png Slinky Empire, disestablished since 17 January 2011

National holidays

Date English Name Dutch Name Turkish Name Russian Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Nieuwjaars dag Yılbaşı Новый Год
17 January Economy Day Dag van de economie Ekonomi Günü День экономики In honor of the Ministry of Economy of Lostisland (anniversary of foundation)
11 March Acquisition Day Dag van de verwerving Edinimi Gün День Обретения Anniversation of the declaration of sovereignty over Hunter Island (acquisition of territory)
5 April Birthday of the Prime Minister's cat Verjaardag van de Premier's kat Başbakan'ın kedi Günü День Рождения кота Премьер-министра Birthday of Pamuk, cat of Alexander Karapavlovič, the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic
22 April President's Birthday Verjaardag van de President Başkan Doğum Günü День Рождения Президента Birthday of Yaroslav Mar, the President of the Federal Republic
6 May Birthday of the Presidential Cat Verjaardag van de President's kat Cumhurbaşkanlığı Kedi Günü День Рождения президентского кота Birthday of Sigismund Knushevitzky, cat of the President of the Federal Republic
9 May Victory Day Dag van de overwinning Zafer Bayramı День Победы Anniversary of victory of the Nazi Germany
2 July Day of Lostisland Dag van Lostisland Lostisland Günü День Лостайленда Anniversary of the foundation of Lostisland
1—4 September Days of Independence Vrijheid's dagen Bağımsızlık Gün Дни Независимости Anniversaries of the step-by-step proclamation of the Lostislandic sovereignty
17 October Birthday of the Prime Minister Verjaardag van de Premier Başbakan Doğum Günü День Рождения Премьер-министра Birthday of Alexander Karapavlovič, the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic
29 October Day of the MFA workers Dag ter ere van de medewerkers van Buitenlandse zaken Dışişleri personeli onuruna Günü День работников МИД In honor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lostisland (anniversary of foundation)
5 December Day of the media workers Dag ter ere van de medewerkers van de media Medya çalışanlarının Günü День работников прессы In honor of the Lostislandic media (anniversary of foundation of the Northern Herald)
15 December Police Day Dag ter ere van de politie Polis Günü День полиции In honor of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Lostisland (anniversary of foundation)
22 December Day of Defense Dag ter ere van defensie Savunma Günü День обороны In honor of the Ministry of Defense of Lostisland (anniversary of foundation)

See also

Yaroslav Mar
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