Lostislandic Expedition of 2012

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Hunter Island, a remote volcanic islet in South Pacific, proclaimed as territory of Lostisland.

The Lostislandic Expedition of 2012, also known as the Expedition to Hunter Island or simply Expedition (inside Lostisland) was an expedition to Hunter Island undertook by the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Lostisland in order to plant the Lostislandic flag on the island, as well as to set a capsule with the list of citizens and make some research of the island's relief and fauna.

The expedition took place shortly after the foundation of the Ministry of Transport, starting in July 2012, was commissioned by Minister of Transport Martin Legof, consisted of a selected group of seamen under command of Legof as captain, and lasted from July to November 2012. The primary objective was to debark on Hunter Island and install the Lostislandic flag on it, together with a capsule containing the proclamation of sovereignty and the list of citizens. However, adverse weather conditions forced Legof to cancel the disembark on Hunter Island, and these goals remained unachieved.

The campaign's secondary purpose to start diplomatic talks with the indigenous population of nearby islands was semi-confidential and any information regarding this issue remains classified by the Government of Lostisland, therefore the result of this endeavour remains unknown for the general public.


Although Hunter Island was proclaimed as territory of Lostisland back in March 2011, after the legal dissolution and re-establishment of the Republic, originally due to its geographical remoteness and difficult accessibility no attempts of landing on it were envisaged. The idea of arranging an expedition and attempting to land is thought to have been proposed by Martin Legof, Minister of Transport of Lostisland, soon after his appointment on this position in late April 2012.[1] Soon after the announcement of this proposal, active phase of preparation for the trip started.


Sylfia, yacht of the Ministry of Transport of Lostisland commissioned for the expedition.

Arranging an event of this level, which was also one of a kind, having no precedents not only in the history of Lostisland but possibly in the micronational world for the last decades, required careful preparation and coordinated work of both the Ministry of Transport, dislocated in Auckland (New Zealand), and the Central office of the Government in Moscow (Russian Federation). The expedition had been scheduled to start in June 2012, and for that purpose Sylfia, 75 feet expedition sailing vessel of the Ministry of Transport, was commissioned. Equipped with a 160 hp 6 cylinder Gardner engine with diesel tanks for a maximum 3000 miles long journey,


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