Union Against Micronational War

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Union Against Micronational War
MottoAll war represents a failure of diplomacy
Formation10 July 2009
Official languagesEnglish, Dutch, German

The Union Against Micronational War, frequently referred to as the UAMW was founded on 10 July 2009 by Niels of Flandrensis as a result of many micronational wars on MicroWiki and the micronational community. The goal of the UAMW is neutrality in any micronational conflict. On 16 January 2011, Niels of Flandrensis asked all members states to sign the Treaty of Universal Peace, which condemns recourse to war as an instrument of national policy. The UAMW has been widely praised for its promotion of peace, twice being nominated for the Schneider Award in that category.


Unlike most organizations such as the GUM, the UAMW does not have a centralized organization or leadership. Instead, it is a symbolic union, with each member taking responsibility for their own policies and actions. The most influence over the union is held by its founder, but it has been made known by Grand Duke Niels that any member may promote peace in the name of the organisation.

Views on micronational war

The UAMW defines micronational war as a hostile conflict between two micronational entities. Such conflict is viewed as sometimes more accurately described as a conflict between individual micronational leaders. Such conflicts are condemned, especially when the actions of the belligerents are destructive, unethical, or illegal. Recwarring, a form of roleplaying, is distinguished by the union from microwar, and is not spoken against. Founder Niels of Flandrensis says of real conflicts that "playing war has nothing to do with the true micronational spirit." This concept is the basis of the UAMW, which holds that promoting intermicronational conflict achieves nothing and prevents others from enjoying micronationalism. War is seen as the failure of diplomacy, and accepting a foreign declaration of war is opposed.

The Union Against Micronational War maintains the official position that the easiest defense against micronational war is to ignore a hostile party. This is especially encouraged when the instigator is distant from the nation that is threatened. For any illegal acts that are in fact committed by a belligerent party, the union recommends that macronational authorities be contacted.


The only requirement for members of the UAMW is to promise to not declare war against another micronation. Micronations are free to add their nation to the list without any obligation. Members who do declare war on another micronation will be removed from the list.

List of members

Former members