Kingdom of Harleck

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Kingdom of Harleck
Flag of the Kingdom of Harleck.pngHarleckCoat.png

Capital city Havenstown, Harleck
Largest city Havenstown
Official language(s) English
Demonym Hareckese
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- King Christopher I
Legislature Deputy Council
- Number of seats - 3
Area claimed N/A
Population 3
Currency Pound
Time zone Central: UTC-6/-5
1.No official legal status


The Kingdom of Harleck is a micronation and self-declared sovereign state based in the United States. It operates under constitutional monarchy and comprises of a single properties that has declared itself independent under the leadership of a house north of Chicago. Originally established as an absolute monarchy with a single-party system in 2012 as the successor to the Republic of Harleck, multiple parties became allowed through the Royal Constitution Act of 2014.

The Kingdom of Harleck adheres to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and automatically recognizes nations who have signed onto the Treaty of Universal Peace and the Union Against Micronational War.