Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands

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Grand Duchy of the Northern Antarctic Peninsular Islands
Flag of Grand Duchy of the Northern Antarctic Peninsular Islands
Motto: "Though Not Worthy, Be Great!"
Anthem: Antarctite March
File:Location: Certain Islands off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula
and largest city
Livingston Island
Official languagesEnglish, Bulgarian
Demonym(s)Napian; Northarctican
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Grand Duke
Martin I
• Prime Duke
Rafi II
• Bishop
King Adrian of Carvadia
EstablishmentJuly 25, 2011
• Census
CurrencyNapian Dollar
Time zone(UTC-5)
This nation is a member of AMU,UAMW and the LoC

The Grand Duchy of the Northern Antarctic Peninsular Islands, or NAPI, is a micronation founded on July 25, 2011. It is an antarctic micronation with its territory consisting of six small islands of the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and its government headquarters in North America. It is ruled by Grand Duke Martin I, founder of the nation. The country is a territorial antarctic nation ruled by members from other continents. It is currently a member state of the Eran Federation.


The Name of NAPI comes from the Antarctic Peninsula and the fact that the islands in its claim are on the Northern part of the peninsula.


After researching many micronations, the founder Grand Duke Martin I decided to create his own. He claimed land in Antarctica as an individual and then founded the micronation of the Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands. A few days later, the Grand Duchy decided to declare war on the FSA and Flandrensis. The founder himself later regretted this move and claimed it as an act of immaturity. He since stopped the act of war on both countries and became an ally of Flandrensis. In early November 2011, NAPI made its intentions known about joining the AMU and the Nemkhav Federation. Talks with the AMU were almost complete, but sadly Nemkhavia, after several negotiations, declined the offer. This was seen as a slump in NAPI history. But then, the AMU accepted NAPI, which was seen as a great surge of strenght in the nation. NAPI joined the AMU and had a great boost in campaigns micronationally. On December 22, 2011, the Grand Duke decided to run for Secretary-General of the AMU. He campaigned before this election, and issued a series if propaganda letters. Unfortunately, he lost the election. However, a few days later NAPI reached 50 citizens, making it one of the more popular micronations in the scale. A period of inactivity followed, but was breached when NAPI gained some new citizens with influential ideas. Then, in the middle of March, the primaries for elections of the Prime Duke begun. Predictions are that it would be a close race between current Prime Duke Rafi II and Baron Jordan Francois. Then, on May 23, NAPI became the first nation to join the Eran Federation. It quickly became one of the leading members of the federation.

Government and politics

The Head of State is Grand Duke Martin I. He, and the Prime Duke, Rafi II, lead the 4 person parliament(not including themselves) to make decisions relating to the country. Grand Duke Martin I is minister of all departments and the secretary of state is jointly held by him and Prime Duke Rafi II. The Current Head of State belongs to the Democratic Party for Freedom, one of the main parties in the Grand Duchy. Elections are held every year to determine the key positions in the government; however, members of the government can run for re-election unlimited times. Primaries for the parties for elections start in March and the final poll ends with election day, which is November 20.

Chain of Command

Grand Duke: Martin I

Prime Duke: Rafi II

Bishop: King Adrian of Carvadia

Parliament Members:

Baron Jordan Francois

Lake I

Petar of Livingston

Lord Benjamin of Brabantia


Political parties of NAPI

Democratic Party For Freedom - Martin I; Rafi II;Lord Theodore of Brabantia

Republican Union - Baron Jordan Francois; Dean of Tomas

Socialist Napian Party - Lake I

Monarchic Party - King Adrian of Carvadia;Lord Benjamin of Brabantia

Minority Party - Petar of Livingston

Crannist Party - Maximillian the Great; Baron Chad of Bjerko

Law and order

The Supreme Court is headed by the Chief of Judges, Adrian of Carvadia, and it overtakes all federal cases. It is the one and only organ which deals with all matters of law in the Grand Duchy. The Supreme Court also enforces the constitution and all island laws. The Staff of Judges handle all smaller crimes and enforce the local laws. The National Police Force is the head of all national police investigations. There are also district police forces that handle smaller crimes. The NAPIA, or Napian Intelligence Agency, heads all secret services and external affairs.

Foreign relations

The Grand Duchy has positive relations with the following nations:


The Grand Duchy has its own armed forces, known as the NAPAF, or Napian Armed Forces, which is the military sector of the Duchy. It handles all invasions and defense of the Duchy. The Duchy also contains a Navy, an Airforce, and a Coast Guard. None of the troops have been called in to action.

Geography and climate

All of the claims of NAPI usually have sub-zero temperature and have little fauna existing on them. Some abandoned stations are on Livingston Island and Anvers Island. NAPI is located on the Antarctic Peninsula, which is on the west part of the continent. The Renaud Bush is one of the few parts of fauna found in the Grand Duchy(Renaud Island).


NAPI claims 6 islands for its mainland states and has a few dependencies around Antarctica. The islands that make up the main part of the country are: Livingston, Brabant and Anvers(NAPI has a compromised border with Westsylvania over the two islands), Nelson, Greenwich, and Renaud Island. There are also a few dependencies that are part of NAPI and follow the NAPI administrative policy. These are: the Barony of the Bjerko Peninsula, the Barony of the Riiser-Larsen Peninsula, Gillock Island, Mikhailov Archipelago, and the Young-Sturge Archipelago, which is located off the east coast of Antarctica. In November 2011, NAPI's first claim on Micras was made as the first territory of NAPI. Then, in March 2012, the nation's first colony was founded, the Colony of South Antarctica.

Types of Territories:






There are three companies that are active in NAPI: Webworks NAPI, the NAPIAN Herald, and the Livingston Corporation. The economy is relatively small, with a very small service sector but, the revenue of NAPI companies is relatively good. The currency of NAPI is the NAPIAN Dollar, formerly known as the Rube. All companies and consumers must use this currency to buy items. Other banknotes are not accepted. The current budget of the NAPIAN government is 1.3 million NAPIAN Dollars.

Webworks NAPI

The biggest company in NAPI is Webworks NAPI. It not only maintains the NAPIAN news website, but has designed the flag for NAPI as well. Webworks specializes in online production of goods such as websites, flags, currency, and Coat of Arms. It has a small division in Rafghanistan called Webworks NAPI(Rafghani). It currenctly is the number one company in NAPI and one of the few companies of Antarctic micronations.


NAPI has no residents on Antarctica, and the chance of going to Antarctica is highly unlikely, but the nation is not a virtual country. The festival of Blagodarya is held every July 23–26 to honor the country's independence. The national animal is the penguin, and the national food is lobster. The University of NAPI is the only educational facility inside the country and offers a variety of classes. The favorite sport of NAPI is football, and it is part of the Virtual Micronational Soccer Board, Virtual Micronational Soccer Association, and the Micronational Premier League. The country's premier division is the Napian Premier League. It also has a national futsal team which competes in the Virtual Micronational Futsal Federation.


NAPI currently has one newspaper and one media company running, the NAPIAN Herald, the countries source for news, and Webworks NAPI, the company which manages the wordpress site and formerly managed the weebly site.

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