Republic of Kuhugstan

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Republic of Kuhugstan (English)
Respublasha di Kuhugstan (Kuhugi)
Respubliko de Kuhugstan (Esperanto)
Coat of arms
Motto: "Star of the Prairies & Forests"
Anthem: Riders of Freedom
Spokane, United States
and largest city
Kasbarpolis, Torkhastan
Official languagesAmerican English, Kuhugi, Spokane language, Couer D'Alene language
GovernmentSemi-presidential republic
• President
• Prime Minister
Max Kasbar
LegislatureNational Assembly
EstablishmentJuly 9th, 2011
• Census
CurrencyUNS Tarvin
Time zonePacific Time Zone (PTZ)

The Republic of Kuhugstan (pronounced [kuːhuːgstan]) is a micronation founded on July 9, 2011, surrounded by Eastern Washington & North Idaho. It is one the micronations, along with the Nemkhav Federation & the Sakasaria Federation, that has adopted the Policy of Peaceful Existence. Kuhugstan scores 3.75 on Matthew's System of Democracy classification, 2.125 on Miles's System of Economic Classification, 3.4 on David's Micronational Potential Index & 3.0 on Linden's System of Classification. It has implemented progressive laws with respect to animal and civil rights.

Kuhugstan is also the most influential micronation in the Spokane Sector.


The name "Kuhugstan" comes from the words "kuhug", the Kuhugi word for "sun", and the Indo-Iranian place name -stan". This name honors the local Spokane Native American tribe, whose tribal name means "People of the Sun."


For a pre-miconational history of Kuhugstan, see Spokane Washington

The Republic of Kuhugstan succeeded Istoria and was founded on July 9, 2011. An election to choose a dictatorial leader was held on August 12 of the same year between Max Kasbar and Rascal of Kuhugstan, a cat belonging to Kasbar. Kasbar was elected to lead the country. On August 30, Kuhugstan transitioned into a semi-presidential republic. Kasbar became the prime minister and Rascal became the president. Presently, the Republic has renewed its focus on domestic affairs, moving away from the international sphere. After periods of near-inactivity and loss of interest, the Republic of Kuhugstan was declared defunct on August 16, 2012.


The Libertarian Socialist Party of Kuhugstan is the current governing party. The legislative body, called the National Assembly, is elected by the citizenry. The prime minister, who acts as the head of government, is then chosen by a vote of the representatives in the Assembly (In theory, that is). The candidate in second place in this vote becomes the President of Kuhugstan, a ceremonial head-of-state position. The Kuhugi government also administers law and order within national borders. The national police force is called the National Public Servants, which acts as more as a responsible vigilante group than a "bureaucratic" standing police force.

Political Parties

Currently, there are two Kuhugi political parties; one on the left of the political spectrum and the other on the right.

Name Ideology Members Seats held
Libertarian Socialist Party Libertarian socialism 1 0
Kuhugi Feline Nationalist Party Feline Nationalism 1 0

Foreign relations

See Foreign relations of Kuhugstan

The Republic of Kuhugstan is currently open for diplomatic talks.


The Republic of Kuhugstan has its own armed forces, known as the Kuhugi Militia Forces (KMF) with three branches of service.

The Orginization of the Kuhugi Militia Forces is as follows:

  • Kuhugi Militia Army (KMA) Logo is a north american cougar
  • Kuhugi Militia Navy (KMN) Logo is a mallard duck
    • Kuhugi Militia Marines (KMM) Logo is a pacific tree frog
  • Kuhugi Militia Air-Force (KMAF) Logo is a red-tailed hawk

List of wars

This is a list of wars that Kuhugstan got into. Note: the bold letters represent the winner.

  • Canadian Wars (August 8, 2011) (see Military in Glisean Republic): Kuhugstan

Geography and climate


Many species of birds & animals can be seen in or around Kuhugi territory, such as the Mallard duck, the Bald eagle, the White-tailed deer, the Western Gray Squirrel & the American Robin.



Provinces in Kuhugstan are semi-autonomous political divisions, functioning similarly to provinces or oblasts in other countries.

  • Ostrovo Province (+47° 36' 38.80", -117° 21' 52.16")
  • Burr Province (Ben Burr Park)
  • West Kanshara Province (North/South: +47° 37′ 39.88″, -117° 20′ 51.55″

to E. 32 Ave.; West/East: S. Cuba St. to S. Havana St.)

  • East Kanshara Province (North/South: E. 29 Ave. to +47° 37′ 22.28″, -117° 20′ 43.98″; West/East: S. Havana Street to +47° 37′ 31.60″, -117° 20′ 38.88″)
  • Tubbs Province (Tubbs Hill, Couer D'Alene, Idaho)
  • Qualchan Province (+47° 36' 31.51", -117° 24' 48.16"(island under bridge))
  • Lincoln Province (Lincoln Park, Spokane, USA)
  • Green Gables Province (5711 S Hailee Ln, Spokane, WA 99223)


Colonies in Kuhugstan are political divisions away from the main portion of the country. They lack autonomy, being completely controlled by the state.


Republics are autonomous political divisions in Kuhugstan that have the ability to make their own laws & govern themselves, similar to the republics of the Russian Federation.


For climate data, please click this link

Kuhugstan has a humid continental climate (Köppen Dsb), a rare climate due to its elevation, and significant winter precipitation precluding a semi-arid climate classification. The area is typified by a very warm, arid climate during the summer months and a cold, somewhat snowy, and moist climate in the winter. Both summer and winter are the predominant seasons, as fall constitutes a rapid transition. On average, July and August are equally warm, and the coolest month is December. Daily temperature ranges are large during the summer, approaching, and often exceeding 30 °F (17 °C), and small during the winter, with a range just above 10 °F (6 °C). December, the coolest month, averages 27.2 °F (−2.7 °C), while July and August, which are equally warm, average 68.6 °F (20.3 °C). Because of Kuhugstan's location between the Cascade Mountains to the west and Rocky Mountains to the east and north, the country is protected from weather patterns experienced in other parts of the Pacific Northwest. The Cascade Mountains form a barrier to the easterly movement of moist and comparatively mild air from the Pacific Ocean in winter and cool air in summer. As a result of the modifying effect of the Cascade Mountains, Kuhugstan also has less than half the rainfall of Western Washington. The average annual precipitation in Kuhugstan is 17 inches (430 mm), whereas Western Washington receives 37 inches (940 mm) annually. The most precipitation occurs in December, and summer is the driest time of the year. The Rocky Mountains shield Kuhugstan from the winter season's cold air masses traveling southward across Canada, sparing the country from the worst effects of Arctic air in winter.[60] Extremes range from 108 °F (42 °C) to −30 °F (−34 °C), but temperatures of more than 100 °F (38 °C) and less than −10 °F (−23 °C) are rare.


Kuhugstan is an economic democratic mixed economy, with Sweden's economy as an example to Kuhugstan's economy (Natural resources include bricks, timber and water). It is also a tax haven.


Kuhugi culture is, mostly, a mixture of American, British & Pacific Northwest cultures; with the American side french fries, most television & other things & the British side Doctor Who, Primeval, Monty Python's Flying Circus (Kuhugis also incorporate American, British & Pacific Northwest personalities); Kuhugi people also like Europeans more then Americans, since there are things which are too "right-winged" for them in America.


Most of the cuisine in Kuhugstan is nearly all unique. A few are:

  • Rice & Meat (national dish)
  • Carrots
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • French Fries (Chips)
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Tortilla "Cream-Cheese" Sandwich


Basketball & Sprint-running are very popular in Kuhugstan, & so is Calvinball, which they even have there own Calvinball team (Kuhugi Tigers). Computer gaming, online or offline, is popular during "free-times".


NOTE: all Catholic & some American holidays not listed here are treated as informal holidays

Holiday Date Information
New Years Day January 1rst First day of the year
Epiphany January 6 The day when the 3 Kings visited baby Jesus. Also a day to get presents
St. Patrick's Day March 17 Celebrates feastday of St. Patrick & Irish heritage
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination March 21rst see Wikipedia summary
World Autism Awareness Day April 2 Day of Autism & Asberger awareness
Easter changeable The day of the Resurrection. Also a day to get presents & Easter eggs
International Children's Day June 1rst Day to honor children
Independence Day July 9 The day when Kuhugstan became a new country
Trader Joe's Day October 28 The day commemerating the founding of Trader Joes in Spokane, WA. Also a time to shop, or at least browse, in a Trader Joe's.
Thanksgiving 4th Thursday in November Same way Americans celebrate Thanksgiving
Snow Day November 11 (2011) The day of the first snowfall. Also the day to have as much winter fun as possible
St. Nicholas Day December 6 A day to get presents
Christmas December 25 Same way Americans celebrate Christmas. Also a holy day.

List of national symbols

  • Amphibian: Pacific Tree Frog.
  • Arboretum: none
  • Bird: California quail
  • Dance: none
  • Mammal: Yellow-bellied Marmot
  • Fish: Bluntnose Minnow
  • Flag: see above
  • Flower: Common yarrow
  • Folk song: none
  • Fossil: none
  • Fruit: Watermelon
  • Gem: none
  • Grass: Squirreltail grass
  • Insect: Black-field cricket
  • Marine mammal: none
  • Seal: see above
  • Ship: inflatable boat
  • Song: Friends - Blackmill
  • Tartan: click here
  • Tree: Spruce pine
  • Vegetable: Carrot


The main public service broadcaster in Kuhugstan is the KNBA (Kuhugi National Broadcasting Agency). It is further divided into the KNTD (Kuhugi National Television Division), KNRD (Kuhugi National Radio Division), KNND (Kuhugi National Newspaper Division) & KNID (Kuhugi National Internet Division). It's macronational parallel is the BBC.



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