United Nations of Spokane

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United Nations of Spokane
Spokane new flag.png
Official Flag

Headquarters Spokane, Washington
Official language English
Membership 3 micronations
Established 26 April 2011
Status Active

The United Nations of Spokane, or simply U.N.S., is an alliance between Spokane-based micronations, created on 26 April 2011.


Though Maximillian I had an agreement with Max Nesbitt, the leader of Gristoff, from April 21, the alliance was not formally founded until 26 April, during a debate in one of their classes on the legalization of micronations. All of the U.N.S. members will participate in the 2011 Spokane Summit. Following the 2011 Spokane Summit, all U.N.S. members adopted the UNS Tarvin as their official currency.

Member states