2011 Spokane Summit

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2011 Spokane Summit

Theme: Micronationalism in Spokane & its role in the micronational community
Status Concluded
Date 20 September 2011
Site Spokane, United States of America

The 2011 Spokane Summit, also known as the Spokane Summit, was a gathering of micronationalists from Spokane, Washington, USA that took place in the same city. One of the main topics of the 2011 Spokane Summit was be the possibility of a currency union of the micronations of the Spokane Sector, which was passed as the UNS Tarvin.


The conception of the Spokane Summit was from Max Kasbar who wanted to go to the 2011 Intermicronational Summit, but couldn't due to problems financially and problems due to his age. He decided to host his own summit for Spokanite micronationalists that didn't come to the summit. He wanted all of the micronationalists in Spokane who were not able to go to the 2011 Intermicronational Summit to have a chance to get to talk about politics and the role of the Spokane Sector in the micronational community. The 2011 Spokane Summit was the first of its kind.



The location of the summit at the playground of local Bryant Elementary School.

Fun Facts

  • Arboth has many macronational aspects, from an established culture to advanced military
  • Gristoff has many trade posts, from Seattle to North Idaho[1]
  • Kuhugstan has more diplomatic relations than either Arboth or Gristoff.


  1. This has not been verified to be true.